BLM Chapter Calls American Flag a “Symbol of Hatred”

A Black Lives Matter Chapter called the U.S. flag a “symbol of hatred” in a fiery Fourth of July Facebook post. 

The Facebook post said that whenever a person is flying the flag, Black Americans know that that person is not safe to be around.

The post continued, saying that whenever they see the flag, they know that the person flying it is racist and lives in a “different America” than they do.

BLM also called the American flag a “symbol of hatred,” saying that they know they have to avoid the person flying the flag. 

Founder of BLM Chapter: their page has been stormed by hatred from people who fly the flag

On Wednesday Lex Scott, founder of the BLM chapter, confirmed with Fox News that her group made the Facebook post allegedly to highlight how hate groups can “co-opt” the U.S. flag without experiencing similar blowback. 

Scott added ever since the BLM chapter put up the Facebook post, their page has been stormed by hatred from Americans who fly the flag. She added that they want to “thank” those people in helping them prove their point. 

When Scott was asked how would she respond to those who say that the American flag is for every American, she answered that those who are offended by their statement should take it up with hate groups like Ku Klux Klan. 

Scott said that she would ask those people if they got offended when the Ku Klux Klan marched holding the American flag, if they showed outrage when the white supremacist group called Patriot Front, marched through Philadelphia last week, holding the American flag, that Proud Boys “co-opted”. 

Mara Gay: she was “disturbed” to see trucks carrying American flag

The founder of the BLM chapter then added that if folks never show outrage when these hate groups used the American flag as a symbol of hatred, these people who got offended by the post should not come to them. They have to go to those hate groups instead.

Scott added that when people allow these hate groups to use the American flag in the name of hatred, but say or do nothing about it, they are sending a message to the BLM chapter that they agree with the messaging, the hate, and condone both. 

The proposal of the BLM chapter included officer de-escalation. 

The BLM chapter also echoes the same controversial remarks from the editorial member of New York Times, Mara Gay. Gay declared on MSNBC last month that she was “disturbed” to see trucks carry the American flag in the suburb of New York City. 

Gay said that she was “really disturbed” when she saw dozens of pickup trucks with exclamations against Biden, pro-Trump flags, and other American flags which she calls similarly “disturbing.”