Bishops to Biden: Catholic President Supports “Most Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda”

After almost three hours of deliberation, U.S. Catholic Bishops passed the drafting of the “teaching document.” The document will set the meaning of communion which targets Catholic politicians and other public figures. 

Yet, the religious leaders weighed in on whether this move will give them the impression of wading into partisan politics. 

An overwhelming vote in favor of the teaching statement

The deliberation of the U.S. Bishops on Thursday resulted in an overwhelming vote in favor of publishing the “teaching statement”. Most U.S. Catholic Bishops voted in favor of drafting the “teaching document,” as most of them hope to rebuke Catholic politicians and other public figures.

Religious leaders who support the document stated that a censure of Biden is needed. This is due to the president’s stance on expanding abortion access and protection of abortion rights.

Yet, opponents of the document gave warnings that this move might portray the religious leaders as a partisan force, rather than as leaders of the Catholic faith.

Still, the Bishops passed the document with an overwhelming vote agreeing for its passage. As a result, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee will draft a statement defining the meaning of communion for future deliberation. 

A part of the document will be designated to provide warnings to Catholic politicians and public figures who go against Catholic teachings, particularly on issues of abortion and more.

Bishop Donald Hying of Madison, Wisconsin also mentioned that many are perplexed by Biden (a Catholic President who is supporting the most radical pro-abortion agenda). He added that because of this, the bishops felt like they needed to take action. 

On the other hand, Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego opposed the measure, saying that the USCCB could incur consequences that are destructive, as a result of the document that aims against Catholic politicians. 

Biden a self devout Catholic thinks he shouldn’t impose the same belief on Americans

Biden previously said that he is a devout Catholic who regularly attend mass. Biden also stated that while he opposes abortion on a personal level, he believes he should not force the same position on other Americans who feel differently. 

As such, the president penned several executive orders that include measures celebrated by pro-abortion rights Americans. 

Meanwhile, Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Indiana and chairman of the USCCB said no decision has been made yet about the contents of the document. 

Rhoades also added that other bishops who are not part of the USCCB Committee were given the chance to add input. The teaching document will likewise go through amendment before deliberation. 

The bishop and chairman of USCCB also clarified that the teaching document will make not mention any specific names, including that of President Biden. Instead, it will merely offer guidelines.