Big Tech Continues Joining the Wave of Woke

"Lanny Baker, Yelp CFO" by Christopher Michel

The world’s largest business directory, Yelp, has shown its true colors. It is succumbing to the peer pressure of its left-leaning users and employing an incredibly toxic business practice when it comes to pro-life organizations and facilities.

Notably, these changes in major tech companies started immediately after Roe v. Wade was overturned; these multi-billion conglomerates hurried to pick the “right” side in this neverending war on abortions.

“Yelp App” by ajay_suresh

Online business rating platform Yelp joins the “woke” mob with deceptive warnings about pro-life clinics

According to some reports, Yelp made its position very clear, with deceptive warnings and flags pinned to crisis pregnancy centers in order to drive women away from them.

The change begins next Tuesday. Any religious or pro-life center or organization will be flagged with what Yelp called a “consumer notice,” informing the app’s users that services may be limited at the location they’re looking for.

Moreover, these changes come nearly four years after the company’s CEO Jeremy Stoppelman went above and beyond to differentiate crisis pregnancy centers from abortion clinics.

He was making sure the baby killers find the business they’re looking for with the greatest of ease.

The company’s VP, Noorie Malik, yet another woke peddler from Yelp’s administration, added she’s grateful the company took a stand against the “misinformation” being spread by the CPCs.

This comes despite the fact they were merely offering medical assistance to the women who do not wish to get an abortion.

CPCs under attack by leftist arsonists

Many found Yelp’s stance to be deserving of criticism.

Mary Margaret Olohan from the Daily Wire is baffled by the company steering women away from pregnancy care in a world where it’s become much more difficult to get an abortion.

As it stands, it’s much safer for a mother to be given the necessary guidance so she can carry her unborn child to term, rather than resorting to inhumane and often dangerous alternatives at an abortion clinic.

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko from AZ also chimed in, claiming Yelp is doing everything in its power to push the far-left, pro-abortion agenda onto their female users, even if some of them would rather opt for a CPC.

What’s more, CPCs have been under constant attack by pro-abortion arsonists ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. Yelp’s flagging of these facilities could make targeting them that much easier for these vandals.

The left seems to be dead-set on walking over every traditional value this country once upheld. Their attacks on pro-life groups never made any sense from the start.

The newly imposed bans on abortion in many states aren’t far from how the issue is handled in Europe, the liberal hellscape of the world.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.