Biden’s Withdrawal of U.S. Troops, a POORLY PLANNED Move

Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State, called Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan a poorly executed and poorly planned move. He also warned that the withdrawal could lead to the fall of the nation’s capital to the hands of Taliban insurgents in the next three months.

Pompeo: Biden administration did not execute models of deterrence that Trump administration prepared

Pompeo assisted in planning and executing the first process of the shift towards the withdrawal of U.S. troops after 20 years of being in Afghanistan; he also stated that he and former President Trump ensured there were several executable “models of deterrence,” intended to prevent the possible disaster that could occur.

However, the former Secretary of State said that it looks like the Biden administration did not execute the model of deterrence. He continued, stating that strategy is dependent on execution and planning, but it looks like the administration panicked a bit.

Pompeo then added that he hopes they have the right amount of people and transport them there right away. Pompeo continued, stating that he hopes they can protect Americans in the same manner the Trump administration had every purpose of doing.

The former Secretary of State also mentioned that former President Trump made it clear to Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (Taliban negotiator) that there will be strong and sudden consequences in case any Americans get hurt or threatened moving forward.

Pompeo added that they were very clear about letting them know what the former administration was prepared to do in order to protect the lives of Americans.

He said that since they started having those negotiations during the start of 2020, not a single American was killed by the Taliban. Pompeo then added that they were able to build a deterrence model.

Pompeo: The true concern is Afghanistan will be a “hotbed” for other terrorist groups

The true concern, however, according to Pompeo is not the Taliban per se, but instead, the main fear is that under the Taliban rule, Afghanistan will more likely be a “hotbed” for ISIS and Al Qaeda, the same as it was before 9/11.

Pompeo added that the threat will come from the reality that the Taliban will be flirting with terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Rep. Mike Rogers, top Republican in the Committee of the House of Armed Services, warned that Biden is gambling with a “Saigon moment”.

The description was made in reference to the U.S. troops leaving Vietnam as the Presidential Palace was attacked by the North Vietnamese Army.

Rogers added in his statement that for months, he has been pressing Biden to come up with a plan that will deter the same situation that is occurring in Afghanistan at this moment. Now, lives of Americans are at risk because Biden still does not have a plan.