Biden’s Longterm Allies are Fed Up with His Presidency

Democrat lawmakers are criticizing Biden over his mismanagement of the economic agenda and failure to address the escalating border crisis.

Democrat lawmakers are amused by Biden’s inefficiency

Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s Democrat gubernatorial nominee, claimed he is “frustrated” with not only Biden, but also with congressional Democrats. Seeing Biden’s dwindling approval rating in recent surveys, McAuliffe said the president is “unpopular” in Virginia.

It can be noted McAuliffe campaigned with Biden in the state some months ago; he was also one of the vocal advocates of Biden’s agenda. However, showing his frustration with Washington, the gubernatorial nominee stated, despite passing the infrastructure bill with 69 votes from the Senate, House Democrats failed to pass the measure.

McAuliffe then scolded congressional Democrats for not solving their differences. He later stated they are being paid for this, so they need to hurry up in order to pass the stalled legislation. 

Some moderate Republicans who supported Biden in the 2020 presidential elections also voiced how they are fed up with Biden’s presidency. Sarah Longwell, one moderate GOP strategist, noted Democrat voters have “malaise.”

They believe their lives have not been bettered under the leadership of Biden. She also chastised Democrats’ infighting for stopping the infrastructure and social spending bill in Congress.

Similarly, another moderate Democrat congresswoman, Stephanie Murphy of Florida, disapproved of Biden’s abilities, claiming the president she knows had a much better skillset. Murphy wanted an immediate vote on infrastructure legislation, but its failure alienated her from Biden’s leadership.

Likewise, Jim Costa, a congressman from California, labeled Biden’s behavior regarding the infrastructure bill as “disappointing,” saying he is overemphasizing the reconciliation package.

Even Democrats are claiming Biden failed on the US southern border

Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon blamed Biden for his lack of involvement in the negotiation of his economic agenda with various factions of the party. Schrader claimed a bit of hurry on Biden’s part would have changed the course of legislation in Congress. However, Biden failed to bring everyone together.

Similarly, Rep. Susan Wild of Pennsylvania was dismayed by Biden’s handling of the southern border crisis. She stated the president assigned the matter to the VP, but there is no significant progress.

Former congressman and a potential Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Beto O’Rourke, scolded the Biden administration for not anticipating the southern border crisis.

There is a popular perception that the declining popularity of Biden is due to his failure to pass his economic agenda via Congress. However, a combination of factors are contributing to worsening the misery of Biden.


This is not the first time Democrats’ infighting has shattered internal ranks of the party. While the criticism of Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema has become a new normal for Biden, even the likes of Bernie Sanders tried to stall his infrastructure bill by lobbying in favor of the bigger reconciliation package.