Biden’s History of Inappropriate Behavior Towards Press

In keeping with tradition, President Biden yelled at journalists last week when they questioned him about his lack of campaign engagements before the midterm elections and abortion restrictions.

Hostile Biden

During his presidency, Biden has frequently displayed hostility toward the media, despite the consistent liberal slant of the mainstream press.

He termed a reporter a “child,” frequently talks down to media professionals, labeled Kelly O’Donnell of News in the Oval Office a “pain in the neck” for asking about a Veterans Affairs vaccine requirement, and even called Peter Doocy of Fox News a “dumb son of a b—-h.”

The White House came under fire last week over Biden’s limited schedule after various reports said Democrats in close races saw him as a risk.

When a reporter questioned Biden on Thursday, as he was making his way to Marine One, it was clear that he didn’t find it amusing.

“There aren’t many Democrat candidates with you in Pennsylvania, but John Fetterman will stand with you today. Why?” a journalist queried. “That is untrue. There were 15. Count, kid,” Biden answered.

“Are there likely to be any more?” the reporter questioned.


When a separate member of the media questioned whether there ought to be any limitations on abortion, Biden moved away from the female reporter whom he described as a “child.”

After Biden stated there should be limitations, the reporter inquired as to what those limitations should be.

In the past, Biden reacted angrily or sarcastically to harsher questions, despite frequently receiving softball inquiries from supportive members of the media.

When questioned about the economist’s probable recession prediction in June, Biden became agitated and yelled at the journalist.

When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins stated Biden was optimistic that Russian President Vladimir Putin may alter his nefarious behavior, Biden reprimanded her last year.

As he left a press conference, Biden turned to face Collins and remarked, “I have no faith that he will alter his conduct. How in the hell do you spend your days?”

Later, Biden expressed regret for treating Collins like a “smart guy.”

Biden Yelled at Media

When Biden yelled at radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, in 2020 and infamously declared, “You aren’t black if you vote for Trump,” he offered the same “smart man” excuse.

His son, Hunter Biden, whose notorious, scandal-riddled laptop has often been a thorn in his administration’s side, is yet another subject that is known to get Biden worked up.

A CBS reporter inquired about the New York Post’s story on the younger Biden’s laptop and emails regarding his employment with a Ukrainian energy business, days before the 2020 election.

“Mr. Biden, what’s your reaction to the story regarding your son in the New York Post, sir?”  asked Bo Erickson.

Biden replied, “I knew you’d ask it. I have no comment; it’s just another smear campaign, just right up your street. Those are the inquiries you usually make,” the speaker said.

The authenticity of the laptop has already been confirmed by other news outlets.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.