Biden’s FAA Imposed a BAN on Drones, Citing “Special Security Reasons”

A two-week flight restriction was imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration along the international bridge at the southern border; this happened amidst the drone footage released yesterday, revealing thousands of migrants swarming the area.

Temporary Flight Restrictions imposed by FAA after video footage revealed a damning image

Bill Melugin posted a tweet on Thursday evening, announcing the Temporary Flight Restrictions implemented by the FAA over the bridge located in Del Rio, Texas.

This means reporters can no longer fly drones along the area to document the ongoing crisis and reveal the images of thousands of illegals rushing in. The FAA cited “special security” as a reason for the ban.

Melugin further noted that for months, Fox News has been using drones for reporting and they never encountered any problems. The reporter said they tried to reach out to the FAA for clarification and ask why the Temporary Flight Restrictions were imposed.

However, they haven’t heard anything from the FAA so far. He added that they will provide updates once the FAA responds. In a statement published by the FAA on Thursday evening, the agency stated Border Patrol asked for a Temporary Flight Restriction along the area because the drones conflict with the aviation of law enforcement on the border. 

On Thursday morning, more than 8,000 illegal immigrants were seen under the international bridge in Del Rio; they waited to be arrested and processed after illegally crossing the U.S. border.

According to sources, the present situation is “out of control” and the agents at the border are getting more overwhelmed as more and more people are arriving at the bridge every minute. 

The recent picture of chaos at the border was caught on camera the same day the ban was imposed

The scenario caught on camera is the more recent depiction of chaos at the border as Biden and his administration are continuously struggling to take control of the relentless surge of illegal immigrants. 

Republicans are citing the relaxed immigration policies of the Biden administration as the cause for the surge of border crossings. On the other hand, the decision of the FAA to ban drones along the area received immediate criticism on social media.

Senator Tom Cotton posted a tweet, sarcastically saying the order to ban flying drones was a “coincidence.” The Republican senator added that the FAA should be ready to explain why, all of a sudden, they blocked the media from reporting about Biden’s border crisis.

According to data, there were 208,887 apprehensions in August 2021. This number is a 317% gain, compared to the numbers recorded last year in August, which were at 50,014. Moreover, it means a 233% rise compared to the number in August 2019 which was at 62,707 apprehensions amidst 2019’s border crisis.

On the other hand, the Biden administration is putting the blame on the previous administration. They’re stating Trump sealed off the legal means to asylum and pushed aside strategies that Biden and his officials claim to be strongly focused on the “root causes” of the border crossings.