Biden’s Climate Group Advisers Have Possible Ties to China

Republican Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Morgan Griffith joined forces in sending a letter to four far-left climate advocacy groups to inquire about their likely ties to China.

The four climate groups that received a copy of the letter were the Union of Concerned Scientists, Sunrise Movement, Earthworks, and MoveOn.  

Rodgers and Griffith raised concerns about the “foreign interests” that might be related to the “advocacy activities” of the far-left climate groups

In the letter, Rodgers (who works as the Republican leader in the Energy and Commerce Committee) and Griffith (who serves as the GOP leader for Oversight and Investigation) stated they are concerned about “foreign interest” that might be affecting the “advocacy activities” of the groups towards Congress. 

The letter was written after Earthworks (together with other progressive climate groups) asked the Biden administration and Congress to get rid of the “antagonistic” position against China to create a more cooperative relationship in fighting climate change. 

In addition to this, Rodgers and Griffith likewise alleged in the letter that Earthworks seems to be asking the Biden administration to ignore China’s appalling human rights abuses, particularly the ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims.

On top of this, the Republican senators accused the climate advocacy groups of asking the U.S. government to ignore the clear threat China poses against U.S. national security and the economy.

The representatives emphasized how the advocacy groups advised the Biden administration that rhetoric against China does not do anything to assist the well-being of the people in China.

The group likewise blamed the United States for gas emissions affecting climate change while, at the same time, ignoring China’s dominant contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and apparent human rights abuses. 

The advice given by the climate groups sounds more like “Chinese propaganda”

The two Republican representatives also wrote that the advice given by the far-left advocacy groups reads more like Chinese propaganda. This is intended to put the blame on the United States and weaken the country in order to boost China’s economic security and national agenda. 

Griffith and Rodgers likewise emphasized that the letter sent by the advocacy group to the Biden administration reflected the strategy of China: cutting off criticism and promoting the preferred policies and interests of the CCP. 

The two Republican senators highlighted how concerned they are that foreign interests might be influencing the advocacy activities of the far-left groups. 

The GOP lawmakers added that in connection with their jurisdiction over environmental policy and foreign commerce, they seek to have clarification about the groups’ work and the efforts they are making to influence U.S. policy development. 

The letter sent by Rodgers and Griffith finally included a list of questions to be answered by the groups on or before October 15.