Biden’s Big Gift To the Taliban

Joe Biden has given away $7 billion in weapons and military equipment that should be in our country’s possession.

What’s even worse, however, is he’s given them to Taliban terrorists who are responsible for killing our men and women in uniform.

We all knew Biden’s disastrous and treasonous pullout from Afghanistan left a lot of military hardware with the Taliban. What we didn’t know was just how much.

New data from the Department of Defense revealed the amount left behind was $7 billion. That’s a lot of lethal firepower in the hands of medieval madmen. Good job, Joe!

What Equipment Is It?

The $7 billion in gear is a treasure trove of military equipment of almost every kind. Among the equipment are extremely expensive ground vehicles, tanks, aircraft, various types of weapons, ammunition, and numerous other deadly weapons and support gear.

Several weeks ago, the Taliban boasted about showing off its arsenal of weapons. They did this on August 15, which is now a holiday in Afghanistan. It’s the day they stormed and took over the US embassy last year and took back the country.

As Biden crows about gun control to law-abiding Americans, he’s responsible for a poor pullout that left our enemies with so much firepower they barely know what to do with it.

What’s even worse geopolitically is that the Taliban are closely allied with Pakistan, which is allied with China.

Our weapons are helping build up the Pakistan-China-Afghanistan corridor which is firmly against us and our allies. Good job, Biden!

August 15 Celebrations

In commemoration, on August 15, the Taliban paraded part of the military arsenal and showed just how extensive it is. They also insulted America by flying over the building of the former U.S. embassy with a Chinook military helicopter.

Want to know more about how pathetic the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was?

Major General Chris Donahue ordered 100 American evacuees out of one of the last evacuation planes from Kabul to make room for a Taliban-owned pickup truck that was reportedly confiscated on one of the missions.

This truck for the major general apparently is more important than American lives. Was it such an important souvenir of the war?

Congratulations to the woke army leadership who brought an old Taliban Toyota truck equipped with prehistoric Russian weapons and left the enemy in possession of $7 billion of first-rate military equipment.

What a fair trade! You deserve a lot of applause, don’t you?

No Plan

Numerous other heavy American armaments were left behind at the time of the evacuation. Military officials said, at the time, the equipment left behind would be detonated before the full evacuation.

Though aerial images have proven and show that evidently, these were just words thrown in the wind. There’s no sign of this equipment having been destroyed.

As usual with the Biden regime, there is no plan except putting America consistently last.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.