Biden Walked Away After Refusing To Take Afghanistan Questions

On Sunday, Biden blew off questions related to Afghanistan; this happened after he offered to take questions at the Federal Management Agency headquarters to address the continuing response to Hurricane Ida.

Biden offered to take questions but later on walked away after hearing “Afghanistan”

Biden offered to take questions after the address he made at FEMA in relation to the ongoing government response in relation to Hurricane Ida; this storm intensified to Category 4 before its landfall earlier on Sunday in Louisiana. 

After his address, Biden told Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg that he was not supposed to take any questions, but she said could go ahead anyway and ask him. 

Jacobs started her question by saying “on Afghanistan”; here, Biden interjected, saying he was not going to answer any questions related to Afghanistan. The president then walked away from the podium.

The exchange between Biden and Jacobs was slammed by the Republican National Committee; the same incident happened merely three days after the violent ISIS-K attack at the airport in Kabul, leaving thirteen U.S. service troops and over 170 Afghans dead.

Biden was criticized for looking at his watch during the solemn ceremony of receiving the fallen troops

On the other hand, Biden came under fire for looking at his watch during the ceremony for the 13 fallen U.S. troops at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

In the images and videos captured during the ceremony, the president and his wife, first lady Jill Biden, were seen at the airport during the “dignified transfer” ceremony.

This ceremony is a solemn and somber military custom of receiving the bodies of U.S. servicemembers who died in foreign combat. 

During the ceremony, Biden and the first lady can be seen placing their right hand on their chests as the U.S. flag-draped coffins were moved from the Air Force C-17. 

However, on one occasion, Biden could be seen looking at his watch before placing his arms again behind his back. This uncanny movement from the commander-in-chief received criticism from conservative commentators, Republican politicians, and veterans. 

A disabled U.S. Army veteran, Samuel Williams, posted on Twitter that it looks like Biden was being inconvenienced by being there to show respect to the fallen heroes. 

Nicholas Fondacaro also wrote that Biden looked at his watch during the solemn transfer of U.S. service troops killed in Afghanistan. 

The former Governor of Arkansas later posted his sentiments on Twitter, highlighting how Biden could be seen jerking his left hand in order to pull his watch out of his sleeves to look down at it.

He added that many Americans remember how President Bush looked at his watch during a presidential debate and how bad it looked . However, this act of Biden is offensive and will be remembered.