Biden Using Coronavirus to Push for Illegal Immigration

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

When coronavirus first started to become an issue, many Americans warned that Democrats would use the virus for their own political gain. While the left-wing attempted to claim that such warnings lacked validity, the truth has proven otherwise.

Since the presence of COVID-19, Democrats have enforced and extended draconian, unconstitutional stay home orders.


Leftist governors have done this despite extremely low percentages of coronavirus-positive individuals and increasing uprisings against lockdowns. While Americans want to get back to work, Democrat governors couldn’t be happier to continue their power trips at the expense of tens of millions of jobs; this explains why so many of these governors are currently facing lawsuits.

Now, new developments confirm that presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden is one of the latest to cite COVID-19 as an excuse to push a radically left agenda.

The Push for Illegal Immigration

While conversing with CBS 4 News, the former vice president stated that America should cease deporting illegal aliens while COVID-19 remains an issue. Furthermore, Biden claimed that our nation needs to “straighten things out” and “take stock” of what’s happening at the Southern border.

Frankly, this fuzzy and incoherent explanation behind linking illegal immigration and COVID-19 is not shocking. Democrats clearly want to get their socialist agenda pushed through, by any means; furthermore, this is far from the first time that Biden has failed to provide articulate answers or make sense when he is speaking.

The Greatest Threat to America

While coronavirus certainly poses a threat on some level, Democrats’ determination to use this virus as a means to usher in socialism is an even greater threat. Biden wants illegal immigration to go unchecked while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi touts “universal basic income,” despite the rising amounts of Americans who are calling to return to work.


Laws. rights and freedoms do not cease to exist simply because of a virus where 80% of all cases are moderate. We must remember that and stay vigilant of what’s happening, even in the existing presence of coronavirus.

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