Biden Under Fire Over Storing Documents in Garage

The scandal surrounding Joe Biden and the confidential documents just keeps on getting worse. The third set of secret materials was discovered, as reports would suggest, in a storage room inside Biden’s Wilmington residence.

More Confidential Documents Found

When the find was first revealed, it wasn’t specified exactly where inside Biden’s residence the classified documents were found. This led to the accurate assumption that it was going to be bad.

Then, Biden’s reaction was really awful, saying the secret papers were kept in a lockbox next to his Corvette. He stated since the Corvette is in a locked garage, it meant the documents were not sitting out on the street.

Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington Law School, became upset over that. As he pointed out on Twitter, the Corvette Standard is not in the protocols for classified documents.

He continued to attack Biden for his absurd statement by saying the White House could now adopt Corvette’s slogan, “Like a car, only better.”

The comments were deemed “remarkably ill-considered” by Turley. It was an embarrassing situation.

The president improvised after receiving a carefully drafted statement from his attorneys and staff, in which he claimed his sealed garage served as a secure location for sensitive information.

It is unbelievable that Biden would have the audacity to pretend as if standing beside his Corvette makes something cool; he has taken however many sensitive documents and scattered them around, as well as in such unsafe areas.

How on earth could this guy, who had legal access to presidential papers and kept them safe in a secured vault in a house protected by the Secret Service, ever have the guts to speak about President Donald Trump?

How absurd was that? This image shows Joe Biden bringing his Corvette out of the garage wherein he kept it in a 2020 campaign film.

You can see he has storage space off to the side as well as crates. Is that where the secret paperwork was kept? It appears to be a mound of rubbish and is hardly a location in which you would want to keep sensitive information exposed to the public.

Are they close to the ancient, broken lamp? That provides us with a lot of comfort regarding that “Corvette Standard,” Joe.

Biden Under Fire

Americans have taken to Twitter to express their concerns with many justifiably horrified that personal lawyers and aids had access to such sensitive information.

The question has been raised regarding the security clearance of the staffers who have had access to the documents.

Other Twitter users pointed out that if Trump had stored classified documents in his garage, the reaction would be a lot worse than it has been towards Biden.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.