Biden Under Fire For Comments About Law Enforcement Officers

In real time, America is facing a serious crime predicament. This predicament has been set in motion by Democratic policies, such as cashless bail, defunding the police, and giving prisoners early release from incarceration.

Republicans warned Democrats about these policies and the danger they would inflict upon the public. Democrats didn’t heed these warnings and now, so many innocent people are paying the price for it.

However, even as crime spirals out of control, Biden is more focused on pointing fingers at police, rather than working with police to make communities safer, as documented by Washington Examiner.

A Horrible Judgment Call

While speaking on Keepin’ It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton, Biden didn’t hesitate to share his true thoughts about the women and men of law enforcement.

According to the president, the ways in which police officers are trained needs to be “retrained.” Biden also told Sharpton that law enforcement needs greater levels of collaboration with psychologists, social workers, and other mental health experts.

These talking points aren’t new. Many other Democrats have echoed them. However, social workers and psychologists are not the right resources for law enforcement to fall upon when faced with hardened criminals.

Later, Biden went on to imply that Republicans who opposed the inflation-inducing American Rescue Plan are somehow against funding the police. This is yet another talking point that Democrats have been echoing for a very long time now.

A Greater Need For Law Enforcement

On social media, many Americans ripped Biden’s remarks as tone-deaf and incorrect. The president was also called unwise for coming out against police like this days ahead of the midterm elections.

If communities continue to phase out police, danger and crime are only going to rise. The left-wing tactic of putting criminals on a pedestal and treating them with kid gloves continues to pose threats to society.

Electing Republicans across the nation is going to play a vital role in boosting public safety and law enforcement. If Democrats get what they want this go-round, communities are going to get a lot more dangerous, very quickly.

As Americans head to the polls today, crime will undoubtedly be a top of mind issue. It is impossible for people to ignore when they’re scared to leave their homes for fear of being battered, robbed, or worse.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have let the country know what they think about crime and public safety. Now, Americans must vote their conscious.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s latest comments about police officers? Do you believe the president is out of touch when it comes to public safety in America today? Please feel more than welcome to let us know your takeaways about this issue.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.