Biden Tries to Lecture Trump on Handling Coronavirus

As America heads into another week of taking on COVID-19, we’re seeing Democrats continue to attack the president.

On Sunday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went after Trump for “fiddling” and stated that Americans are dying while he essentially takes minimal action. The insinuation of the president not taking coronavirus seriously enough, of course, is not true, but it’s a narrative that Democrats are reliant upon.


Yesterday, former vice president and barely-coherent 2020 Democrat Joe Biden also jumped on this bandwagon. Biden ultimately took it upon himself to get on national television and attempt to lecture the president on how he should handle coronavirus.

Biden’s Latest Bid for the Spotlight

The former vice president’s statements come in the midst of reports over his mounting irrelevance. As coronavirus continues to pose a threat, more and more Americans approve of how Trump is handling these matters; nevertheless, though, no good deed goes unpunished.

During a sit-down with MSNBC, Biden professed that Trump ought to cease “belittling” governors that he disagrees with and allow “the experts” to “run the show.”

This is downright hypocritical coming from Biden; the 2020 Democrat is on record belittling voters across the country by calling them liars, “dog-faced pony soldiers,” challenging voters to pushup contests and worse. Biden will never be in any position to lecture anyone about civility ever again.

Later on-air, the Democrat frontrunner professed that production of more equipment is imperative along with Trump “getting things done.”

Biden’s Bigger Problems

At each and every turn, the former vice president has proven that he lacks the mental stability to run for office, let alone lead a country. His thoughts on what President Trump ought to do in the fight against coronavirus are completely immaterial. Biden can barely remember what state he’s in or not confuse his wife for his sister; he’s got bigger concerns than how Trump is conducting business in the White House.


In the wake of the former vice president’s latest rant, he has yet to adequately get ahead of the rape accusation that he faces from accuser and former staffer Tara Reade. Biden’s campaign has denied Reade’s claims; however, this conflicts with the former vice president’s prior assertions that all women ought to be believed when they allege to be victims of sexual assault.

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