Biden to Start Nuclear Talks with Iran by Displeasing US Allies

Rich Goldberg, a former director of the National Security Council, warned the Biden administration pursuing a weaker nuclear deal with Iran would be a catastrophic approach.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, a GOP senator, advised the Democrat president not to lift all the sanctions against Iran at once.

Biden is about to start nuclear negotiations with Iran

Biden has been vocal about pursuing the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an Iran nuclear deal struck down by Trump in 2018.

Back then, Trump revealed the deal was incapable of stopping Iran from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. However, the deal was crafted by the Obama administration in 2015 when Biden was vice president, so Biden’s support of the treaty was inevitable.

Now, the Biden administration is going to initiate nuclear talks with Iran, starting on November 29 in Vienna. However, Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, noted a failure of talks will encourage the US to adopt “other options.”

Goldberg labeled these alternative options as “Plan B,” saying any weaker deal will pose a threat to the US and its regional allies. He further added Iran is having the upper hand in talks with the US right now, as all the sanctions upon them will be eased down, helping them make a bomb.

Goldberg asserted despite the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the deal still exists, as Iran did not leave it; however, they are not complying with the deal at all.

The former national security official warned the president the expiration of sunset provisions in the agreement will allow Iran to develop nuclear capabilities after 2023.

US talks with Iran offended Israel, the only long-term US ally in the Middle East

Goldberg believes letting the time for sunset provision tick, even when the US is not in the JCPOA, is insane. It puts Iran in the driving seat in the nuclear negotiations.

Speaking to Fox News, Goldberg said withdrawing from the nuclear deal was the only option left with the Trump administration, as it brought Iran back to sanctions that did not allow them to develop economically.

Meanwhile, the pursuit of Iran’s nuclear deal by the Biden administration led the country to a conflict with Israel, a long-term ally of the US in the Middle East.

Israel publicly disapproved of the revival of the deal, saying even if the US reinstates the deal, Iran is likely to have a nuclear bomb in the next five years.

Due to the upcoming talks between the US and Iran, Israel publicly indicated the country will seek military confrontation with Iran, in case Iran tries to upgrade its nuclear facilities.

Ted Cruz also spoke against lifting the sanctions in their entirety from Iran, asserting Republicans will reinstate these sanctions after seizing power.

Recently, semi-official reports indicated if the US-Iran talks succeed, all sanctions on Iran will be relieved, which raised the eyebrows of Republican lawmakers.