Biden to Spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket Billionaire’s Resort

Biden and his family are all set to revive their decades-old tradition to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket, an island in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, the president came under scrutiny for being “tone deaf” and abandoning Americans in need amid rising inflation ahead of the holiday season.

Biden will spend Thanksgiving at a billionaire’s house amid inflation

The White House told reporters Biden reached Nantucket to spend Thanksgiving with his extended family at one of his friend’s homes.

A Fox News reporter, Peter Doocy, asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the message behind Biden spending his holiday outstation, considering Americans are suffering from chronic inflation.

Doocey was referring to a recent report of the Farm Bureau which indicated the traditional Thanksgiving meal would cost 14% more this year than last year.

Responding to this, Psaki said a 20 pound turkey would cost just $1 more compared to the last year, which she described as a minimal increase.

However, she noted the president was worried about the rising inflation and will continue doing his job from wherever he goes during the holiday.

The House Judiciary GOP also criticized Biden’s decision to spend the holiday at a billionaire’s house, saying Biden does not care about Americans who are being hurt by higher gasoline and grocery costs.

Spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Nantucket is Biden’s tradition dating back to 1975. In 2017, Biden claimed Thanksgiving was the only holiday he and his wife Jill Biden spent together.

However, the tradition was broken in 2015 when Beau Biden, the son of Joe Biden, died from brain cancer. It was also broken in 2020 when Biden did not travel amid the onslaught of the pandemic, right after getting elected as president.

Biden noted he gets too many invitations for Thanksgiving; he gets so many that selecting one group becomes impossible for his family. Therefore, Biden decides to spend the holiday with his family and not with any other family.

A presidential historian slammed Biden’s decision to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket

Presidential historian Craig Shirley, who also wrote a biography of former President Ronald Reagan, said Biden is personifying the “Marie Antoinette attitude.”

Biden is doing this by abandoning people amid the strained economy. He also said Ronald Regan was widely criticized for spending Thanksgiving in California, but Biden is setting alarming and egregious precedents.

Shirley further noted for a US president with an approval rating of a mere 36%, spending the holiday at a billionaire’s resort is very ill-advised. Biden has consistently been navigating the troubled waters by getting severe criticism from both sides of the aisle.

Even Democrat lawmakers are critical of Biden over his failure to bring inflation down. They’re also critical of Biden introducing the social spending bill, which will only make inflation worse.