Biden to Reinstate Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” Policy

President Biden is about to reimplement the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, reportedly beginning next week. Previously, Biden suspended the policy hours after getting inaugurated as president.

Biden then terminated the policy later on; however, a federal judge in Texas ordered Biden to reinstate the policy on August 24, 2021.

Mexico is demanding financial aid and vaccinations for migrants under the “Remain in Mexico” policy

The “Remain in Mexico” policy will force migrants to stay and wait in Mexico for their court hearings in the United States. Since the court’s decision to revive the policy, the Biden administration consulted with Mexico on the implementation of the policy once again.

Although the Department of Homeland Security issued its second memo to terminate the policy, it can’t be implemented till the court’s ruling is lifted.

Mexico has consistently been demanding the US government provide more support to migrants regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, financial aid for asylum seekers, and speeding up the hearing process for migrants waiting for their court dates.

These demands prompted the Mexican government official to admit the reinitiation of the policy is difficult, despite the Department of Homeland Security’s statement the policy can be started “as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson of DHS said the administration is required to reinstate the policy to comply with the court’s ruling. DHS also added it is not possible until an independent agreement with Mexico is reached.

In his declaration dated November 15, acting Homeland Security assistant secretary Blas Nuñez-Neto told the court both countries were about to conclude the agreement.

According to some officials, the pressing issue of discussion is the US must speed up the process of court hearings, coupled with establishing proper criteria for those who are out of the scope of the policy.

The said policy, formerly known as Migration Protection Protocol (MPP), was first introduced by Donald Trump to curb illegal immigration into the United States. However, in line with his soft-hearted approach toward illegal immigrants, Biden wrapped it up after coming to power.

Biden did not discuss migration with Mexican president, despite surging border crisis

Despite the fact Alejandro Myorkas signaled to comply with the court’s order, the DHS secretary also noted no amount of financial resources could fix the inherent problems associated with the program.

Recently, the White House invited the Mexican President and Canadian Prime Minister to the Three Amigos Summit. However, the reports indicate the growing migration crisis was not the primary focus of Biden’s discussion with his Mexican counterpart.

This comes despite the fact the numbers of apprehensions have touched record highs since Biden came to power.

Instead, the Mexican president urged Biden to introduce new legislation for legal border exchanges, even urging Congress to grant amnesty to almost 11 million illegal residents living in the United States.