Biden Spouts New Racist Rant as Media Gives Him a Pass

The past month of February is Black History Month. Joe Biden decided to give an offensive and cringeworthy speech where he started spouting some very strange racist rhetoric.

Biden has raised many eyebrows in the past for his affiliation and friendship with former KKK leader and Senator Robert Byrd, as well as comments like “you ain’t black” about black Americans who don’t vote Democratic.

This time, however, Biden has truly outdone himself; his latest comments have even his supporters scratching their heads.

What Did Biden Say?

During a White House event to celebrate Black History Month, Biden decided to play politics as usual.

He started by taking a cheap shot at Florida’s leader Ron DeSantis, adding to the false propaganda from the media which claims DeSantis is cancelling black history in Florida schools.

Talking about how in touch he is with black culture, sports, and people, Biden went on a tangent and decided to insult white people.

Calling himself a “white boy,” Biden insisted that despite his skin tone, he’s “not stupid.” Yes, he actually said that.

Biden’s millions of white supporters may have been unaware that being white usually means you are also stupid, but he made it clear this is his belief.

Even as a joke, this is just basic racist crap that doesn’t belong anywhere near a presidential podium.

Racism Disguised as Humor

Joking is a common way to pretend that racism is fine. It doesn’t make it any less toxic. Biden and his handlers should be ashamed for letting him run loose like this and spread hate in America.

Judging people on the basis of their skin tone is exactly what civil rights leaders like MLK Jr. were trying to move past. Biden and the woke left are trying their best to drag us right back into that racist hell.

Twitter quickly reacted, claiming Biden was lying since he happens to be white and also be unintelligent. The deeper meaning of this kind of self-hate is pretty disturbing.

Biden is indicating only white people can be racist and, therefore, it’s fine to be racist against white people.

This kind of cultural Marxist evil has spread in many places now, including our schools. It is radicalizing many young people who are scared of the racial hate for not being non-white.

America Needs Unity

America needs unity more than ever. Biden shuffled into office spouting off about how he’d bring the country together.

None of us need a reminder of his endless horrible decisions and blunders since that time. The least he could do at this point is stop intentionally trying to divide us and inflame racial tensions.

His joke wasn’t funny and it’s why people are so tired of him. It’s not just Biden’s bad policies and lies. It’s his racial hate and constantly encouragement of an anti-American model of society.

Enough is enough.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.