Biden Shows His True Colors Against Republicans

President Joe Biden accused the Republican Party of promoting fascism in the United States, adding he does not respect “MAGA Republicans” at all.

Political strategists believe Biden is trying to change his attitude towards the GOP, which means he will embrace a more assertive stance in his political campaigns.

Biden Lashes Out at Trump

Speaking at a Maryland fundraiser, Biden asked Democratic voters to come out in big numbers to save American democracy from the “semi-fascism” ideology of Republicans.

According to Biden, Democrats’ victory in the midterm elections will result in more social security, reduced gun violence, and making the survival of the whole planet possible.

Likewise, Biden also accused Republicans of pushing the country backward with their outdated policies.

Democratic political strategists believe Biden is now ready to market his legislative success so far, which means he will frequently attack Republicans’ narrative until the midterm elections.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake stated Biden has two faces: a face that is the president, and a face that is the political canvasser. Lake argued Biden is now learning he has to be vocal in denouncing the opposition party if he really wants to be an effective president.

During the Maryland event, Biden emphasized the recently passed bipartisan gun control measure, infrastructure package, his green energy actions, and the Inflation Reduction Act which will reduce healthcare costs, as per Democrats.

Furthermore, Biden also doubled down on his criticism of former President Trump. While speaking to donors, the president claimed even though he respects conservatives, he does not respect “MAGA Republicans” at all, as this ideology is inspired by fascism.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee condemned Biden’s MAGA comments.

The RNC noted the president did a miserable job in handling the economy of the country, not to mention he continued to fund the education of rich students, while increasing taxes on average Americans, who were already struggling with skyrocketing inflation.

Democrats’ Base Perfectly Mobilized

Some political insiders argued Republicans were on their way to a landslide victory in the November elections, due to Biden’s nose-diving approval ratings.

Though the Supreme Court’s verdict on Roe v. Wade mobilized moderate voters of Democrats who believe their fundamental abortion rights are at stake in the upcoming elections.

This is urging Biden to accuse the Republican Party of “semi-fascism,” to incite the emotions of increasing numbers of Democratic voters.

Biden, who tried to champion mask and vaccine mandates during his tenure, was also seen violating CDC guidelines during his rally.

According to the CDC, a vaccinated person who comes in close contact with a COVID patient should wear a mask for ten days.

Biden remained in close contact with his wife, Jill Biden, who tested positive for the virus, but he kept on hugging and meeting people while maskless during his rally.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.