Biden Scolded for Leaving Behind Pro-US Afghan Allies

The leaders of 103 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have written a letter to Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor of the United States.

In this letter, they’re asking him to help the stranded Afghan people who were left behind by Biden during the US’ chaotic withdrawal in August.

Biden abandoned helping hands to the US in Afghanistan

Human rights stakeholders belonging to different organizations (that oversee immigration issues, humanitarian crises, global developments, and peacekeeping efforts) wrote to Sullivan.

They’re requesting him to take care of thousands of Afghans left behind at the mercy of the Taliban. While defending the role of the left-over Afghans in the peace process, the letter mentioned those people’s efforts on behalf of America.

They were assertive to protect the media, civil society, the judiciary, and the government from the insurgency, so now, they need US support. Seeing the severity of the situation, the leaders of the organizations demanded an executive-level meeting with Sullivan to discuss the matter in detail.

The NGOs scolded Biden for leaving the helpful hands behind in Afghanistan and asked for an immediate withdrawal of those people. Mentioning the efforts of those people, the leaders said some of them even supported the US and their allied forces against the Taliban.

In addition to this, the letter likewise stated many left-over individuals worked with US-based human rights organizations in Afghanistan, including protecting women’s rights and assisting their countrymates in evading the Taliban’s assault.

The letter also told Biden failure to rescue these people will expose his deceptive foreign policy that promises to revolve around protecting human rights across the globe.

Similarly, the letter reminded Biden of human rights organizations’ commitment to bringing at-risk Afghans to the US, a promise which largely remains unfulfilled to date.

NGOs scolding Biden for pushing Afghanistan into chaos

All of the human rights watchdogs are dismayed over Biden’s approach of evacuating only selective people from Afghanistan and leaving the rest unattended.

The NGOs criticized Biden for failing to prioritize pro-American Afghans in withdrawal, calling it an issue of human dignity. A six-point agenda was recommended to Biden by the organizations to safeguard the interests of the troubled people in the war-torn country.

Included in these points are coordination with overseas individuals, creating parole programs based on humanitarian grounds, facilitating them logistically in withdrawal, collaborating with other countries, and much more.

Although some GOP leaders are critical of accepting Afghan refugees in the United States, others have embraced a soft-hearted approach for them. Rob Portman, a GOP senator, encouraged Biden to accept the pro-US Afghan refugees who helped America in its longest war.

It is pertinent to note here Afghans are not the only ones awaiting evacuations. Many Americans are also stranded in Afghanistan; GOP lawmakers have repeatedly pressured Biden to bring those people back home as soon as possible.