Biden Regime’s War Against Tax Whistleblowers Heats Up

Deadbeat dad and drug addict Hunter Biden has been under investigation for possible tax crimes for several years. Specifically, he’s been under investigation since December of 2020 for possible tax fraud and failure to file.

Recently, an IRS whistleblower came forward, wanting to testify in front of Congress about what was going on with the investigation.

He was reassigned and told to be quiet before he could testify. The whole team who was working on digging into Hunter’s dirt was reassigned. Now, the Biden regime is moving even further to try to protect horrible Hunter.

Second Whistleblower Threatened

News is now breaking that a second whistleblower has also been removed from the Hunter file and threatened with a lawsuit over wanting to come forward in this case. This is the Biden regime weaponizing our national agencies like a banana republic.

Not only has the entire team which was looking into Hunter been shelved, but this specific whistleblower has also been told by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to be quiet. The team was scrapped too.

The DOJ isn’t moving forward in the slightest in this case and it seems like agency after agency is doing whatever they can to run cover for Hunter. This is rank corruption.

Shut Up, Or Else…!

The second whistleblower tried to go up the food chain and talk to IRS higher-ups about their concerns with the Hunter investigation and its importance.

This whistleblower believed they had evidence the DOJ wasn’t moving forward with the Hunter findings in an appropriate way. The whistleblower was told to shut up or get sued.

Let’s Be Real

The DOJ and IRS know this stuff is going to come forward, but they no longer care. This is about intimidation and brute force threats. This is Soviet-level thuggery of the worst kind.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.