Biden Praised Trump’s Efforts for Saving Countless Lives

President Biden praised the Trump administration for allocating resources for COVID vaccines, noting he also admires Trump’s announcement of getting a booster shot.

Meanwhile, after a long dry spell of COVID testing, Biden distributed 500 million free COVID testing kits among Americans.

Biden announced the distribution of COVID testing kits among Americans

During his Tuesday speech, Biden noted everyone should be concerned about the new variant, but no one should panick at all.

In addition to this, the president also announced plans to open 10,000 more vaccination sites in the country, taking the total tally to almost 90,000.

He noted that not enough Americans are vaccinated currently, which is worsening the situation.

Claiming to purchase a billion new COVID test kits, Biden indicated their distribution would be started in January.

Similarly, he ordered the Pentagon to mobilize almost 1,000 more troops to help different hospitals in expanding their capacity.

Despite a steep increase of COVID cases recently, Biden noted the situation was better, compared to 2020 when vaccine or medical treatments of COVID were unknown.

Biden praised Trump for developing the COVID vaccine

Biden admired Trump for publicly announcing he got his booster shot of the COVID vaccine, noting it is one of a few things on which both of them agree.

Likewise, he praised the Trump administration for Operation Warp Speed, stating it helped the US in manufacturing COVID vaccines before anyone else.

Just six days after the 2020 presidential election, Pfizer announced a vaccine that was 90% effective against the deadly virus.

While it was considered a first major victory against the virus, the move was allegedly political in nature.

Republicans claimed that Pfizer intentionally delayed the announcement of the vaccine to not let Trump take the credit for it in his campaign.

Back then, Biden claimed that he would “shut down the virus”; however, new mandates are being applied.

Biden lambasted “misinformation” campaigns by TV channels, politicians, and companies regarding the pandemic, noting those who are involved in it are busy killing their own customers and voters.

Many experts are suggesting stopping the spread of the omicron variant is not possible at this stage; however, it can be slowed down in order to ease the existing strain on hospitals.

The US was lacking in COVID testing facilities, as the number of kits available dropped down to an alarming extent.

Andra Mitchell, an MSNBC host, grilled Dr. Fauci on this shortage, noting the administration was “behind the curve” on testing for the virus.

With Americans waiting in long queues for testing purposes, Mitchell noted the shortage was “profound,” even for those people who can pay for testing personally.

She added that drugstores do not have these kits available and commercial locations are not giving appointments, due to holidays.