Biden Pays Illegal Immigrants MORE Than Fallen Soldiers’ Families

GOP Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas lambasted President Biden for the persisting inflation, border crisis, and supply chain disruption that has rattled the economy of the United States.

Cotton asserted the Biden administration is willing to pay more to the illegal immigrants, compared to the fallen soldiers’ families, which explains its priorities.

Biden has ideologically incompetent people around him

Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Cotton said Biden gathered arrogant and ideologically incompetent people around him, which is a toxic combination for the country. He noted the string of crises in the country is due to the inefficiency of Biden and his far-left policies.

Cotton also sarcastically made remarks that the president wants Americans to get out of their normal cars and drive bicycles and scooters; therefore, he has raised the gas prices up to $5 per gallon.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans grilled Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, on Tuesday. Mayorkas defended Biden’s border policies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Senator Tom Cotton asked Mayorkas if he was satisfied by the disturbing numbers of encounters at the US southern border. Mayorkas said although he was not satisfied, it is better than bringing policies that defy American values.

He was clearly signaling towards Trump’s border wall, which Democrats have often accused of breaching US cultural values.

The GOP senators also inquired of Mayorkas about the proposed $450,000 payments to migrants who got separated from their families during the Trump administration. However, the secretary declined to answer these queries, asserting the Justice Department is responsible for any such policy measure.

There is a widespread perception that giving these sorts of mammoth benefits will invite more illegal immigrants to the United States; however, Mayorkas said these payments are not intended to pull further crowds from any neighboring countries.

Cotton slammed Biden administration for failing to prioritize the families of fallen American soldiers

Tom Cotton chastised the Biden administration for rewarding less money to the families of the American soldiers, compared to illegal immigrants. He said Democrats are paying Gold Star Families 4.5 times less money than what they are paying illegal immigrants.

Cotton also scrutinized Mayorkas on this question, asking him if his priorities are to the fallen soldiers’ families or illegal immigrants, on which the secretary chose the former.

However, Cotton noted, despite this admission, the Biden administration is paying immigrants much higher amounts of money than those Gold Star families.

The hearing was scheduled a day after the release of the latest report by the Customs and Border Protection regarding migration data for the first month of the fiscal year 2022.

According to the latest numbers, almost 164,000 migrant encounters happened at the border last month, the most in any October spanning over decades.