Biden Passes Respect For Marriage Act Into Law

Earlier this year, Republicans and Democrats worked to put together a bill known as the Respect For Marriage Act.

This legislation was specifically designed to codify gay marriage rights into law, following concerns that a Supreme Court ruling affirming gay marriage could one day be overturned.

That came up after Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas released an opinion after Roe v. Wade’s overturn that classified other Supreme Court rulings as “errors” that ought to be reviewed.

That ultimately led to Democrats and Republicans working together in Congress to pass legislation that ensures gay and interracial marriage will still be protected, even if the Supreme Court eventually overturns rulings related to these issues one day.

Earlier this week, Biden officially passed the Respect For Marriage Act by signing it into law, according to Associated Press.

Reviewing Remarks From the President

On Tuesday, Biden claimed the Respect For Marriage Act takes a considerable stance against hatred. Furthermore, the president said the new law that shields gay and interracial marriage is “defending” love and matters to each American citizen.

The signing of the Respect For Marriage Act involved a ceremony as well. It was attended by Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike, since both parties played a critical role in this bill passing.

Biden’s remarks were followed by other lawmakers who shared their thoughts on the legislation and why they believe its passage into law is a net positive for America.

The Respect For Marriage Act is one of the rare bills the president has signed that’s been bipartisan. The American Rescue Plan and other pieces of legislation signed by this president came after Democrats used their majorities in Congress to completely freeze out Republicans.

However, with the GOP taking back the House majority next month, Biden is going to have to work with Republicans going ahead.

More Issues to Address?

Polling shows that much of the country supports gay marriage. However, there are also other issues that Americans would like to see the Biden administration take on.

Inflation, gas prices, energy costs, etc., are just a few examples. These issues furthermore have real-life ramifications on Americans, many of whom are struggling to make it through the month.

With Congress soon to be split between Republicans and Democrats, it remains to be seen what moves the president makes next. He will no longer be able to have his allies in Congress pass legislation on party vote alone and without considerable for the other side.

What do you think about the Respect For Marriage Act passing? Do you believe Joe Biden needs to take additional issues as seriously as he did for gay and interracial marriage?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.