Biden Opted to Go on Labor Day Vacation Amidst Several Crises

Biden is receiving backlash for spending Labor Day weekend in his vacation house. This comes amidst the devastation of Hurricane Ida in various states and the panic slowly unfolding for Americans stuck in Afghanistan.

Americans are stuck stranded behind enemy lines while Biden is at his Delaware vacation house

In a tweet on Saturday, former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows noted that there are American citizens stuck hiding behind enemy lines in Afghanistan while the president is having a vacation at his Delaware home. 

Meadows added that Biden likewise left Americans as hostages in Afghanistan, emphasizing that the president did not even give a speech or press release about the issue. Instead, Biden decided to take a trip to his vacation house, as if that move will change the situations of these stranded Americans. 

Republican lawmakers also lambasted Biden for taking a weekend vacation while hundreds of Americans are left stranded in Afghanistan, fearing for their lives. New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney criticized Biden’s trip to Delaware. Tenney called Biden responsible for the $85 million of military supplies that were left in Afghanistan. 

Tenney noted that Biden is a politician in his career and has only ever worked in Washington, D.C. However, for the rest of the public, Americans are accountable for the things we do at work. 

In Biden’s case, he lost $85 billion worth of military machinery; then, he left the White House for a weekend vacation. The Republican representative later emphasized that Congress should hold Biden responsible. 

Biden used Hurricane Ida to champion his multi-trillion-dollar agenda

On the other hand, Biden was tested amid another domestic disaster after Hurricane Ida crashed through several states. Hurricane Ida, with a maximum wind of up to 150 mph, brought torrential rainstorms.

These rainstorms pounded the Gulf Coast and sparked extensive floods and damage. Some areas in Louisiana were left uninhabitable for months as the Category 4 hurricane slammed the state. 

On Friday, Biden noted the disaster is “unifying” both parties, saying that he is seeing the same responses from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. The president likewise emphasized that there was nothing political about the natural disaster. Biden added that the situation is simply about saving lives and get people back up.

However, Biden used the disaster that Hurricane Ida brought as a chance to push his agenda to fight climate change. The call was timely, as Congress is scrambling to pass a multi-trillion-dollar spending package related to climate change.

Biden noted that the bill should include tax incentives, particularly for carbon energy deployment, together with other policies that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

On the other hand, White House press secretary Jen Psaki made a statement last week. Psaki claimed that Hurricane Ida merely reaffirmed Biden’s commitment to getting the multi-trillion bill passed, as it hugely focuses on the climate crisis.