Biden on a Very Short Leash as Dr. Jill and Handlers Push Him Around

Joe Biden’s condition is well known: he’s senile, forgetful, and frequently physically frail.

The nation cringed when he fell down the steps of Air Force One in March of last year and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he toppled off his bike this summer in Delaware.

This guy needs to be a in a care home, not in the Oval Office! Whereas now the true extent of how much “Dr.” Jill Biden and his handlers are running the Biden show has been revealed; it’s truly shocking.

New Report Tells All

A new report in the New York Times is exposing just how bad the situation is. Apparently, Jill Biden doesn’t only shove her husband around to get him onstage and guide him where to go; she’s also part of a much larger effort.

This larger effort is basically a big shield that goes up around Biden to hide just how out of it he is in most cases. The crowd of handlers and people keeps the press from crowding around him, makes excuses for the things he says, and makes sure he stays mainly out of the limelight.

As we saw during the election campaign, the more Biden is in the public eye, the more he makes mistakes and is obviously shown up as not being fit for office.

Jill herself is reportedly “incredibly protective” of her husband and keeping him from being embarrassed in public or doing the wrong thing and causing controversy.

Jill even helped interview former press secretary Jen Psaki, for example, to make sure that her husband made a good choice in hiring her.

Psaki was mainly known for making excuses for everything Biden said and continually claiming she’d “circle back” to a topic or controversy and never doing so.

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is that Biden is not well. His wife helping him would actually be touching and sympathetic in another situation.

Though when this is the man who stands between us and nuclear war, it’s not touching: it’s terrifying.

Presidents are people too, obviously: they have good days and bad days. They wake up some days feeling low energy or having a headache. That’s life!

Whereas what’s not OK is to know you’re truly unwell or not up to a job and continuing to do it, particularly when the lives and jobs of hundreds of millions of people depend on you.

Before you bring up VP Kamala Harris, keep in mind that her mental state appears to be no better than Biden’s and potentially even worse.

These upcoming midterms need to show some real changes and reassure the American people because, at this point, the situation in the White House is truly troubling.

This goes far beyond politics and speaks to basic competency and mental cogency.

The Bottom Line

Biden belongs in an old age home, not the Oval Office.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.