Biden Made an Embarrassing Gaffe in Front of World Leaders

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Biden raised some eyebrows as he was caught making an odd gaffe while speaking at his press conference after the Geneva summit.

In the press conference, Biden mistakenly mentioned his predecessor when talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden said that he heard some parts of “President, uh, Tru– uh, Putin’s” press conference, where the Russian leader mentioned the need to have some sort of “modus operandi” where the Arctic is in a free zone.

Republicans and Twitter users have quickly noticed the gaffe. Videos of Biden saying the error gained thousands of likes and retweets. The tweet where Biden can be observed making the mix-up also drew over 17,000 likes and 1,400 retweets.

Not the first gaffe from the president this week

Previously, Biden also mixed up Libya and Syria three times at the G-7 summit last Sunday. This happened while he was discussing humanitarian aid to countries that were affected by the Civil War.

In the mix-up, Biden said he first talked about the possibility of working with Russia in giving “vital assistance” to “Libya.” However, Biden then added “Syria” to the mix when he stated that Russia had taken more than it can handle with its intervention in “Syria.”

Soon after, Biden mentioned he is hopeful that they can reach an agreement where they can save the lives of people in Libya.

On the other hand, Biden’s aides were quick to brush off the gaffe made by the president, saying that he meant Syria when saying Libya.

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Additional embarrassments 

Biden also humiliated himself at the G7 summit. This happened after he tried to correct British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for allegedly not introducing South African President, even though Johnson already did by name.

The gaffe prompted laughter during the start of the roundtable discussion.

After Johnson mentioned that the visiting dignitaries brought in “spectacular weather” with them, the British Prime Minister introduced Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Biden then interjected, saying, “and the president of South Africa” while pointing across the table.

Johnson was apparently taken aback mentioned it again, followed by “as I said early on.”

Biden then asked, “Oh, he did?” looking confused. Johnson answered that he definitely did.

The leaders around the table then started laughing Macron turned to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, saying, “You get a mention twice, Cyril.”

The Jewish Voice also posted a video clip on Friday of Biden being asked a question by a reporter. The reporter shouted the question, asking how Biden’s meetings were going in Cornwall.

Biden stopped and asked, “I beg your pardon?” He then answered, “Very well,” after the question was repeated to him.

The interaction prompted his wife, first lady Jill Biden to scold him, saying, “Joe! Come on!” she waved him over as onlookers laugh.