Biden Launches Another Attack on the 2nd Amendment

Earlier this week on Monday, President Biden fired back at the Americans trying to protect their 2nd Amendment rights, claiming they’d need a lot more than just assault rifles to defend against the government.

This statement came off as a threat. It’s not difficult to see why especially considering Biden used this speech at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast event to put down conservative figures.

Joe Biden jumps back on the anti-firearm agenda

He said they’re naive to believe an AR-15 could be enough to fight back and they’d need something closer to an F-15 to lodge any challenges against the federal government, referring to the stance the right has on gun regulation and the liberties of American people.

The quote, “The tree of liberty is water of the blood of the patriots” to which Biden related his speech, was originally written in a letter by Thomas Jefferson, one of our country’s Founding Fathers and the man who authored the Declaration of Independence.

After practically desecrating an opinion of one of America’s most important figures, Biden went on a rant about how there is no rationale for maintaining the 2nd Amendment.

According to him, there’s no redeeming value behind owning a gun and the right is merely pushing this agenda for their own financial gain. It’s almost as if events from the past couple of years haven’t demonstrated we need access to firearms now more than ever.

Biden needs to re-evaluate his 2nd Amendment knowledge

This wasn’t the first time Biden took shots at gun advocates. It was a year and a half ago when he said the same thing, claiming anyone against the government’s stance on firearms would need nukes and fighter jets to take them on.

This seems quite hypocritical, considering he’d said it during a speech where he swore to crack down on gun violence in the US, knowing full well it’s the illegally sold firearms causing the most damage.

On top of that, Biden demonstrated his lack of knowledge regarding the 2nd Amendment, as he added there’d always been limitations to it, which is categorically untrue.

If the rest of us couldn’t read and the 2nd Amendment wasn’t publicly accessible, we’d have to trust Biden when he says it limited who could own a firearm.

Much to Biden’s dismay, his claims were instantly fact-checked; many pointed out that federal gun regulation made its first appearance in 1934.

Up until then, the 2nd Amendment never limited which American could have access to what type of firearm; strangely enough, violence wasn’t nearly as high then as it is now.

The left knows what sort of chaos would break out if the defunded police is paired up with millions of law-abiding Americans who can’t legally buy a firearm; they’re gunning for it like there’s no tomorrow.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.