Biden is Letting China Invade Taiwan

Republican Senator Tom Cotton scolded the Biden administration for letting China perpetuate its hegemonic ambitions against Taiwan; meanwhile, China warned the United States to stay away from Taiwan’s territorial dispute.

Cotton: Biden is Helping China Annex Taiwan

The member of the Senate Armed Services Committee indicated China used extremely strong language against the United States and the crisis is more severe than anytime in recent history.

Cotton said China is exploiting the weakness of the Biden administration, which the president portrayed in his haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan. He criticized President Biden for not saying even a single word against China during his recent address to the United Nations General Assembly. 

The Republican senator said despite Beijing’s attempt to strangle the US by initiating a Cold War, the US is hesitant to respond. Sen. Cotton said Biden indicated the US is not looking for a Cold War, but when China is waging war, the US has no choice.

Likewise, he emphasized Biden is losing a war against China, and the events are turning out to be a catastrophe. The senator said letting China invade and annex Taiwan would be an absolute disaster.

China Pledged Peaceful Reunification of Taiwan, Gave Death Threat to US Soldiers

Sen. Cotton emphasized for the Biden administration to provide military defenses to Taiwan so the country can resist potential Chinese invasion. He said the US needs to provide cybersecurity infrastructure, missiles, and sea mines to Taiwan to equip it well, in case of any Chinese misadventure.

The GOP senator noted the government should give a clear message to China that the US will stand by Taiwan and come to aid the island, in case China tries to invade.

The Republican senator then stated Biden even vowed to stand by US partners in Afghanistan, but failed to assist them during the withdrawal; this has portrayed a sorrowful image of the US in front of the world.

According to the senator, the Afghanistan withdrawal sent a message of the US’ weakness to China. The China vs. Taiwan issue took a major turn in recent days when China intensified its air navigation drills in Taiwan’s airspace.

The South Asian economic giant assertively exercised its military might in the island’s airspace, which has sparked concerns about Chinese expansionist policies under Xi.

In the near future, the Chinese invasion of Taiwan is very much possible, as the Chinese president called for the “peaceful reunification” of Taiwan.

Meanwhile, China is well aware the US can pose resistance if they try to invade Taiwan. The state-run newspaper of China, the Global Times, warned the US China is ready to counter any foreign military interference when it tries to resolve the Taiwan issue.

Likewise, China warned the US if we try to send any naval or aerial assistance to Taiwan, it will give the US soldiers a “death blow.”