Biden Facing Terrible Ratings in Yahoo! News/YouGov Survey

Americans are sick to death of Joe Biden. The president said what he viewed as necessary to worm his way into the Oval Office; then, once Biden got in, the gloves came off and he revealed his true nature as an extreme leftist tyrant.

The president kicked off his term by killing 11,000 jobs with his shutdown of Keystone Pipeline. Then, Biden opened our southern border, got our troops killed in Afghanistan, did nothing as foreign hackers targeted critical U.S. supplies.

This list could go on and on. The fact of the matter is clear; Biden lacks the leadership skills, ability, and judgment to serve as president.

He should never have come within sniffing distance of a presidential term. In fact, more and more Americans are waking up to this reality. This explains why Biden is doing terribly in a new poll reported on by Breitbart News.

The Failure of President Biden

“Failure” is the nicest word one can use to describe the Biden presidency. He’s abdicated his role in every sense; Biden’s refused to handle and fix the crises that he created. In fact, he wants to engender even more catastrophes while he’s in office.

Americans are sick of it and the latest poll numbers from Yahoo! News/YouGov prove this. According to this data, 50% disapprove of the current president, while only 42% said the opposite.

83% of Democrats approve of Biden; however, 88% of Republicans and 53% of Independents do not approve of the 46th president. It’s very telling that Biden has lost support from the majority of a voter bloc (Independents) that contributed to his election in the first place.

Right now, less than five in ten Americans support the way Biden’s responded to coronavirus; 44%, however, disapprove of this.

A Mockery of the White House

Biden is making a mockery of the White House. He’s repeatedly making decisions that do not align with the best interests of America.

The president shut down a pipeline that created thousands of jobs for Americans here at home; yet, he gave a Russian pipeline the all clear to proceed. Biden prioritized an agreement he struck with the Taliban more than he prioritized getting American citizens safely home and out of Afghanistan.

Time and time again, this president makes a mockery of the White House by abdicating his role and failing to lead. Now, our allies don’t trust us and our enemies no longer worry about crossing us.

Biden’s made a mess of virtually everything and it’ll take some time for the United States to fully bounce back and recover. If Republicans can win the midterm elections in 2022, America will have a fighting chance to stop additional dangerous moves this president will try to make between now and 2024.