Biden Refusing to Bring American Hostages Back

Joe Biden is in troubled waters, as almost 17 missionaries are held hostage in Haiti for more than a week. Meanwhile, their family members are pressuring the president for their release.

Biden breaking his promise to bring American hostages back to the US

‘400 Mawozo,’ a notorious gang based in Haiti, is currently holding almost 17 missionaries hostage from an Ohio-based group that includes children as well.

The gang is demanding $1 million per head; they have even threatened to kill people in case the ransom is not paid. However, the Biden administration has no intention to bring them back and is turning a blind eye to the crisis.

Amid all of this, the families of the hostages wrote a letter to President Biden, requesting him to bring their loved ones back as soon as possible. The 17 hostages in Haiti are the most recent victims of the violence against Americans.

However, the letter was signed by family members of detainees and hostages present in other countries as well. The countries where Americans are either being detained or held hostage include Egypt, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia.

Negotiating with the gang members is absolutely urgent; every second wasted will further reduce the likelihood of those people coming back home safely. 

The families wrote in the letter they are worried about their loved ones and enduring the pain of separation from their family members.

Wasting time will put hostages’ lives at risk

Biden is delaying the issue intentionally; he has not taken any appreciable measure until now. The troubled families mentioned they talked about the matter with Secretary of State Antony Blinken in February. 

Despite the fact the government told them it would solve the issue, nothing concrete has been done until now. This is increasing the likelihood the gang will kill the hostages any time.

The letter to Biden was released by James W. Foley Foundation. It addresses Biden, saying the family members are unable to meet with the president or the national security advisor. This is a clear indication the government is not prioritizing the issue as promised.

Now, due to this ignorance, the families of the hostages believe the Biden administration is keeping them in the dark regarding the progress of the case. Seeing the inaction of the Biden administration for the last eight months, the future of these hostages looks scary.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to pledge to protect American lives, claiming they are in contact with the Haitian government and the other stakeholders for the safe recovery of the hostages.

Any military action against gang members is likely to trigger a response of the violent gang, which is famous for killing people in Haiti in big numbers.