Biden Decided To Take the “Day Off” Amid Texas Disaster

"Skating Away" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Thomas Altfather Good

As the deadly effects of the winter storm shocked millions of residents in Texas, President Biden decided to take the “day off,” according to Sean Hannity.

The Fox News host asked, “Where is our commander in chief?” Hannity continued, “You know, that new guy? Oh, that’s right! This morning, he decided to take a snow day. The guy ultimately in charge of FEMA and all of the country’s emergency resources and federal agencies? Yeah, he took a day off in the middle of this natural disaster. Where’s the feigned phony, selective liberal outrage on this?”

The TV host added, “To be fair, it’s not even really totally clear that Joe even fully understands what’s going on in Texas.” 

This backlash came after the White House decided to put a lid on at 8 a.m on Thursday after Biden apparently did not appear on camera at any time during the day.

A “lid” is a term used by the White House, showing the end of in-person public events for the day. This also serves as a signal to the press that there will be no more news that will be announced for the day.

Then, on the same day, Biden eventually tweeted at around ,11:30 pm insisting that he is allegedly working relentlessly to get Texas what they need. He also indicated that he was discussing with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about the situation in Texas.

Then, the Biden administration merely released a readout of the alleged phone call that happened between Abbott and Biden, approving emergency declarations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Other than Biden, Hannity also slammed “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd for stating on air that the only “upside” of the dangerous winter weather in Texas is that it will “motivate people to wear mask.” Todd said, “I assume the cold weather motivates people to wear a mask because it’s one extra layer on your face.”

Hannity asked Chuck Todd, “Do they know that people died in this storm and Texans are suffering and older people are shivering in their homes? Have they figured that out yet?”

In a previous press conference, Abbott stated that he would ask President Biden to declare a major disaster declaration in the state in order to help residents whose homes have been affected by the winter storm.

The arctic winter storm that the state felt left dozens of people frozen to death, as homes did not have power. 

In addition to this, Gov. Abbott also called on state lawmakers to mandate the winterization of power generators for the grid’s modernization. 

Up to date, there were at least 24 people who died in Texas due to the winter storm. As electricity in most homes fails, thousands of residents are left freezing in subzero temperatures. For instance, this week, temperatures went as low as -2F as snow and ice-covered much of the state.

Meanwhile, images of Texas residents waiting in line to buy groceries were circulated online, only to find shelves virtually empty as they walk in.

The extreme winter weather, together with the lack of electricity, has left the state in crisis. Blackouts spoiled fresh produce, and the dangerously icy roads prevented delivery trucks from arriving in the state to replace stock.  

To make the situation worse, access to fresh drinking water also became more scarce after days of freezing temperatures destroyed water treatment plants and froze water pipes.

Due to the shortage of water supply, officials in the state placed a quarter of its population under orders to boil tap water before drinking it.