Biden Asked to PAY for the Damages Caused by Illegal Crossings

Ranchers and farmers along the U.S. – Mexico border are asking Biden to pay for the massive damages caused on their private properties as the influx of illegal immigrants continues to rise. 

President of Texas Farmer Bureau speaks up about the damages that ranchers and farmers experience on a daily basis

According to Russell Boening, president of the Texas Farmer Bureau, human traffickers threaten the livelihood and safety of the ranchers and farmers as they damage fences, steal vehicles and wreak havoc on their land. 

Boening added that some farmers and ranchers would even see human traffickers driving through their fields, driving over crops, breaking into homes and leaving families stranded. 

According to the group of farmers, the crisis at the border is becoming greatly problematic; therefore, help from the federal government is required to stop the crime, as some ranchers and farmers cannot sustain this consistent financial problem. 

The farm bureaus also wrote that resources from the state and border security were already exhausted. This left ranchers and farmers with very little help.

They then requested the federal government to immediately provide additional resources, act on the ongoing crisis, and secure the United States borders.

Gov. Abbott created a system where ranchers and farmer can report the damages caused by illegal immigrants to their properties

It can be noted that in June, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a disaster declaration for various of counties affected by the massive influx of illegal immigrants. According to Abbott, the crisis at the border should not be acceptable to any American.

Abbott added that property owners along the border are living in constant fear as human traffickers leave illegals at the border. He added that ranchers and farmers are being treated by the government unfairly. 

The Republican governor also implemented a system of self reporting for landowners in Texas, where they can report the damages brought by illegal crossings and human traffickers. 

Abbott added that he strongly urged landowners to report property or personal damages that they incurred due to illegal immigration. He added that the state of Texas will continue to support communities and landowners near the border and do their best to keep them safe and secured. 

Meanwhile, on Sunday, concerning drone footage was circulated online showinf thousands of illegal immigrants parading under the bridge in Texas. This footage sparked criticism from Republicans, as they said that it highlights the severity of the crisis at the U.S. border.

For instance, Republican representative Elise Stefanik mentioned on Twitter how the footage reflects the complete catastrophe that was created by the Biden administration.

She then shared a post from Bill Melugin of Fox News stating how the video shows the biggest assembly of illegal migrants that they have seen. Melugin also noted that the crowd consists of at least 1,000 migrants.