Biden Announced Winter Plan to Tackle COVID

Biden announced a new plan to promote booster shots of the coronavirus vaccine in the country, as the Omicron variant continues spreading in the US with nine confirmed cases until now.

The plan will initiate an aggressive nationwide campaign to promote booster doses, expand at-home testing facilities, and impose tighter restrictions on international travel all over the world.

Biden outlined his winter vaccine plan, vowing to expand vaccination

On Thursday, Biden visited Bethesda, Maryland, describing his plan to tackle the coronavirus during winter, posing optimism the plan should unite everyone.

Likewise, he added those who have yet to receive their booster shots should rush in taking them, noting the Omicron variant made boosters even more significant.

Meanwhile, as pharmacy partners speed up their efforts in sending texts and calling people for booster shots, Biden also vowed to enhance pharmacy availability in December.

Under the new plan, people having private health insurance would be able to get free, at-home testing, while those who do not have it can get tested at health centers.

Likewise, travelers who want to come to the United States will need to show negative COVID tests at least 24 hours before their departure date. 

An official for the Biden administration noted this is the right time to test people before entering the United States, so everyone entering the country is COVID-free. 

The official appreciated the already placed measures of mask mandates for all flights, further adding the administration will expand the measure until March.

Biden noted more than 100 million eligible Americans who did not take their booster dose yet would have to step up in helping the administration achieve its goal.

More US states reported omicron virus cases

Meanwhile, Biden’s fears of the omicron variant in the United States started coming true as the strain entered more states after infecting the first person in California.

New York and Hawaii joined the list of the omicron-affected states, with Minnesota, Colorado, and California already reporting at least one patient of the variant.

The Minnesota patient recently attended a convention having thousands of people, which increases the worries of the administration about the potential outbreak. 

Even though most of the detected patients have been found in New York, the Democrat governor of the state, Kathy Hochul, said the situation is not cause for alarm.

According to researchers, the omicron variant of the coronavirus is more transmissible and is supposed to invade immune systems already protected by vaccines or natural immunity.

While Biden endorsed the booster shots, multiple Democrat governors already said the definition of fully vaccinated people should be revised to include booster shots.

Despite the fact polls depict 49% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s efforts in tackling the pandemic, compared to 47% who approve, Biden, commented he would treat the virus with science, not chaos and confusion.