Biden Aggravated the Haitian Migrant Crisis by Canceling Deportation Flights

Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed Biden for canceling the flights which were supposed to be used to deport thousands of illegal Haitian migrants. Biden housed them instead under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas. 

Sen. Ted Cruz blames Biden for aggravating the immigration crisis by canceling the deportation flights

On Friday’s conference in Michigan, Republican Senator Ted Cruz (who attended as a keynote speaker) talked about the rising crisis of illegal immigration at the southern border. 

The Texas senator described the present situation at the southern border as an “absolute catastrophe.” This was displayed earlier this month, wherein thousands of illegal immigrants from Haiti crossed the border and were held under the bridge in Del Rio. 

Cruz alleged the cartels in Mexico have been pouring illegal immigrants from Haiti to Del Rio, for some reason. The Republican senator also noted, on September 8, there were supposedly around 900 Haitians preparing to be flown back to Haiti.

However, on that same day, the president canceled the flights and 900 illegal immigrants did not get on the plane. According to Cruz, Haitians sent text messages to their friends and families on how they were not deported on September 8.

Then, eight days later, the Republican senator recalled how the 900 illegal immigrants turned into over 10,000. Cruz added that a few days later, that number grew to 15,000. 

Cruz: Biden hasn’t even looked at the children in “cages,” nor did he visit the Del Rio bridge

Cruz thereafter warned the United States is seemingly on its way to surpass two million encounters this year alone at the U.S.-Mexico border. He then remarked that at present, the country is going through “the worst” immigration crisis in 21 years. This was deliberately caused by Biden’s political decisions. 

The Texas senator later highlighted how Biden did not even visit the border to see the kids in “cages” as they were housed in the border facilities. Biden also did not visit the bridge in Del Rio, Texas where thousands and thousands of migrants are held under the bridge. 

Cruz emphasized how the president did not even look at what he called “cages” that housed thousands of children, wherein roughly 20% are COVID infected; nor did Biden look at the 15,000 illegal immigrants under the bridge in Del Rio. 

On the other hand, during Tuesday this week, Biden promised to get the escalating situation “under control.” Meanwhile, his administration faces thousands of border apprehensions every single day. 

During the United Nations General Assembly, the president was likewise asked whether his administration has the situation under control. To this question, Biden again answered with a claim that they will get the crisis under control. 

Biden hasn’t done it in months. Many Americans have doubts about whether Biden has a real plan to get this under control.