Biden Administration’s Record of Migrant Deaths is Hugely Understated

In the last year, a minimum of 853 migrants perished while passing or immediately after breaching the Mexican border into the United States, according to CBS. The report is founded on Border Patrol administrative data collected by the media organization.

Not Every Death is Captured

The 853 confirmed fatalities represent a 56% increase, compared to the 546 confirmed recoveries in FY21. These 1,399 fatalities during the Biden era currently surpass the 1,126 deaths under the Trump administration.

Nevertheless, a CBP-affiliated spokesperson told Breitbart Texas these numbers are substantially understated and do not account for recovery on both sides of the border.

“They also exclude confirmed deaths of migrants whose remains have not been found by Border Patrol authorities,” a source revealed to Breitbart Texas on Sunday.

Several of these fatalities have occurred on private land, wherein local police made initial contact, he added. Also excluded are a significant number of migrants who perished in vehicle accidents or during passage, owing to high-temperature exposure.

“If Border Patrol never was engaged in the rescue, the deceased is not mentioned in Border Patrol statistics,” according to a source.

In June, 53 migrants perished in a tractor-trailer accident in San Antonio, Texas. Human traffickers trapped the migrants in the trailer’s back compartment with no airflow or methods of escape.

Police investigations of human traffickers can also result in deaths that are not reported by Border Patrol. In September, a number of migrants perished in collisions caused by smugglers evading police officers or driving erratically in overcrowded cars.

“The statistics also exclude deaths of migrants whose corpses or remnants are collected by Mexican police,” the source said.

As an illustration, Breitbart Texas claimed 13 fatalities resulting from an unlawful border crossing in Eagle Pass. At least three recoveries by Mexican officials are detailed in the article.

In Brooks County, Texas, the officers of Sheriff Benny Martinez are also dealing with a record amount of migrant fatalities, some of which are included within the Border Patrol statistics and others that are not.

Sheriff Martinez informed Breitbart, “The merciless human traffickers do not consider the lives they put in peril every day in our nation. Smugglers often dump migrants to perish in the desolate ranchlands. They also endanger their safety on our roadways.”

Breitbart claimed two migrants perished. 12 others were wounded earlier this month when a human trafficker lost control of an overcrowded sport utility vehicle.

In July, another migrant was killed after he was hit by a passing car while trying to evade Texas DPS troopers.

More Deaths Under Biden

Roughly two different migrants perished on June 29 following a police chase around La Joya, Texas. The pursuit came to a stop when the motorist lost control of the car, allowing it to overturn and eject a number of people.

A pursuit ended less than a day later near Encinal, Texas, when the suspect collided with the rear of a tractor-trailer. At the site of the collision, four migrants perished. Two further passengers, including the driver, were sent to hospitals with life-threatening injuries.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.