Biden Administration Sets a Deadline to Vaccinate Workers

The Biden administration has announced a deadline of January 4, 2022, for companies with over 100 employees to get their workforce fully vaccinated or be ready to face the consequences.

Meanwhile, the GOP has vowed to protect Americans’ freedom of expression, asking Democrats to stop bringing such compulsions.

White House goes wild to vaccinate people against their will

In September, President Biden directed the Labor Department to use its special powers to enact a vaccine mandate for workers. Those who refuse to get vaccinated must undergo a weekly COVID test.

Many companies, including United Airlines and Tyson Foods, embraced the vaccine mandate; meanwhile, some other big companies asked serious questions from the incumbent administration.

The administration kept these companies in grey over issues like who will pay for the weekly testing of the unvaccinated employees or whether or not people working from home fall under the said mandate.

Now that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) answered some widely sought out queries, more companies are expected to force their employees to get vaccinated. According to the new rules, almost 84 million employees across the United States will be impacted by this mandate.

Until now, the largest employer of the United States, Walmart, only mandated vaccines for its staff members; meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase, with more than 120,000 employees across the US, did not enforce the vaccination strictly.

The Biden administration is enacting a strict mandate, this time to punish the companies that violate it; the OSHA penalty is usually $13,653 for serious violations, which can be imposed on employers who do not surrender to Biden’s vaccination mandate.

Employers are resisting vaccine mandate in big numbers

A lot of top-notch employers and trade groups have given feedback to the Department of Labor over the vaccine mandate. They’re positing it can create a shortage of workers. For instance, United Parcel Service (UPS) and Walt Disney have voiced their concerns about the cost of the vaccine mandate. 

Similarly, the National Retail Federation said mandating vaccinations can create labor shortages, especially in those areas where vaccine hesitancy is widespread. Likewise, the organization argued many employers are already unable to find workers.

The vaccination mandate has created backlash against the Biden administration, as Republicans have come forward to defend workers’ rights.

On Wednesday, a group of GOP senators wrote a letter to Chuck Schumer, ensuring him the GOP will resist efforts of mandating vaccines. The letter asserted that everyone must be given a choice of getting vaccinated or not.


Meanwhile, as the White House announced a vaccine mandate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a lawsuit against the Biden administration in a press conference on Thursday.

During the media appearance with State Attorney General Ashley Moody, the governor said the mandate contradicts state laws; hence, it should be declared null and void.