Biden Administration Making Immigration and Humanitarian Crises WORSE

The Texas-Mexico border is facing a massive humanitarian crisis once again due to the inconsistent and soft approach of the Biden administration to the issue of immigration.

Biden Administration’s Hypocrisy Fueling Southern Border Crisis

This week, around 8,600 Haitian immigrants rushed into the Del Rio-Mexico border, overwhelming border officials and inciting violence. Then recent footage of US forces on horseback launching an attack on incoming immigrants is drawing bipartisan outrage against the Biden administration.

Due to the soft-hearted approach of the president towards immigration policies and ousting illegal immigrants, many are coming to the United States. They have the mistaken belief they will be welcomed with open arms.

On top of this, Biden likewise announced he would discontinue building the “wall.” This is almost a clear signal for immigrants to come and seek asylum in the United States.

It is true that Biden pledged humanitarian support for Haitians storming the border; however, the inefficiency and inability of the Biden administration to manage the crisis is exposing the refugees to danger.

It can be noted that immigration issues were one of the core promises of the Democrat Party; this fueled the flow of migrants to the borders of the United States after the liberal president won the election.

Illegal immigrants are coming to the border with hopes the United States will now make it easier for them to come in the country, compared to the previous administration. After luring the immigrants and winning the election, Democrats seemed to have a shift in their stance, creating a humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Wrapping up Trump-era Policies was the Initiation of Southern Border Crisis

During his four-year tenure, former President Trump implemented various policies intended to curb the inflow of illegal immigrants coming to the United States. However, right after the Democrat president assumed office, he revoked many of these policies.

This ultimately kicked off the immigration and humanitarian crises at the southern border. At present, not only are Mexicans coming in, but thousands of refugees from Haiti can now be seen as well.

The immigration of Haitians was somehow predictable, amidst the upsurge of violent protests in Haiti after the president was gunned down. Yet, despite the anticipated flow of people, the Biden administration did not enact any specific measures to solve the inevitable crisis beforehand.

Meanwhile, as the Biden administration has miserably failed to safeguard the Texas-Mexico border, the Texas governor is burning the midnight oil. Abbott is working to safeguard the state’s borders from the huge flow of immigrants.

He recently approved the mobilization of the Texas National Guard and police to save the border from any illegal immigration. The migrant crisis likewise exposed the Biden administration to a deep divide.

Until Friday, the current president remained silent.