Biden Planning to Vaccinate Illegal Immigrants at the Border

As the number of migrants at the border continues to surge, the Biden administration is reportedly preparing to give COVID vaccines to migrants taken in custody by border officials. 

Officials are scared of COVID spreading between migrants, agents, and the American public

On Tuesday, the Washington Post made a report about the alleged plans of the Department of Homeland Security to give COVID vaccines to illegal immigrants arriving in U.S. custody.

The plan to vaccinate migrants comes as the officials fear the risk of the virus spreading between migrants, government officials, and the American public. 

Vaccines will likewise be offered to immigrants facing deportation. However, this does not include those who were immediately expelled under Title 42 public health protocols.

The report also added that the brand used for the migrants would be the one dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-vaccine. COVID vaccines have already been given to migrants in custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

However, according to data reported by Fox News last month, 30% of the migrants in ICE custody do not want to have the vaccine. DHS thereafter made a statement saying that their protocols stayed the same.

A spokesperson for DHS stated that the safety and health of their employees and the illegal immigrants under their custody are of utmost importance. The spokesperson added that they continue to reassess and monitor their COVID-19 protocols, adding that at present, their protocols haven’t changed. 

The report to vaccinate immigrants coming into U.S. custody comes as communities near the border express their concerns about the possible risk of COVID-19 infection from illegal immigrants; these immigrants are often kept in overcrowded conditions at the border.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an order to stop vehicles transporting migrants, due to the risk of transmission of the virus

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order to give law enforcement officials the authority to stop vehicles transporting illegal immigrants. The order to stop said vehicles were made in connection with the fear of COVID transmission. 

However, the Department of Justice sued the governor for issuing the order. They won a temporary injunction on Tuesday against Texas. 

Then, a statement from Abbott’s office said the Biden administration is consciously and willfully releasing migrants infected with COVID-19 in the Texas communities. They added that the administration is exposing residents of Texas to potential disease. 

Accordingly, Abbott’s office added that the order made by the governor was meant to stop the Biden administration from spreading the virus in Texas and to protect the safety and health of Texas residents. 

On the other hand, a warning was given by a top Border Patrol union, saying that agents at the border are being forced to release migrants infected with COVID-19 every day.

They added that not all migrants being released were tested. He then revealed that this is risky, not only to the American public, but to border patrol agents as well.