Biden Admin Asked Arizona to Remove Border Protections

The Biden administration is continuously asking Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to remove containers placed by the state government along the Mexico border. They were placed there to fill in gaps present in the border wall.

Ducey started placing containers along the Mexico border when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) failed to live up to its promise of filling border gaps in Arizona.

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Federal Government Not Happy With Low Illegal Immigration

Last week, Ducey announced he would install more shipping containers to fill the gaps in the Arizona-Mexico border wall erected by Trump.

Ducey announced the installation of new containers in response to the federal government’s request, which asked the Arizona government to remove the previous containers in the southwestern part of the state.

However, the Republican administration of Arizona sued the Biden administration, asking the court to allow the state government to put 100 containers along the border.

Ducey told the court he wants to install containers stacked with wires near Yuma to protect the existing communities in Arizona.

According to Ducey, he wants to fill existing wall gaps at the Arizona border, as the federal government is unable to do anything to reduce illegal immigration. Reportedly, Ducey is aiming to cover a ten-mile section using shipping containers.

The Biden administration is suggesting the Republican governor is trespassing on federal lands, adding the state government has no authority over the borders.

Jacklynn Gould, the regional director for Lower Colorado Basin at the Bureau of Reclamation, wrote a letter to the Arizona government, noting unauthorized placement of containers along the border is a sheer violation of federal law.

Gould further added the actions of the Arizona government are not only damaging the federal lands, but also impeding the missions of the federal government.

DHS Failed to Protect Southern Border as Promised

While lashing out at Gould’s letter, Republican Mayor of Yuma, Douglas Nicholls, said nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border this year from Yuma alone, but no one wrote the letter at the time of illegal crossings.

Now, when the administration is trying to stop illegal immigration, Gould has written a letter to further assist illegal immigration.

Ducey was forced to take action when the DHS failed to live by its promise of filling small border gaps in Arizona.

In July, DHS stated that it would fill small border gaps present in the Yuma border wall, but the administration remained silent after announcing its ambitions, which prompted Ducey to take action himself.

“Mexican Border Fence IMG_1127” by Raquel Baranow

Gould noted in her letter that Ducey’s containers are hindering Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from filling the gaps promised by the federal government.

Likewise, Gould claimed the federal government would give another contract to her agency, which means she needs to start filling the border gaps soon, but it is not possible till Ducey removes his own containers.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.