Audio Recording Shows Krystle Matthews’ Stance on White People

"Recording" by Randarey

Earlier this week an audio recording was released by Project Veritas, revealing exactly how Democratic SC State Rep. Krystle Matthews feels about white people.

While her stance does align with the in-vogue “woke” narrative, it’s certainly unbecoming of a Senate candidate.

According to Matthews, she hails from a predominantly white city. She’s no stranger to interacting with the demographic; yet, she claims the only way to gain respect from them is to “treat them like sh*t,” as if that’s ever worked for anyone.

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Equality should be a two-way street

You reap what you sow. That’s the reality we’ve all come to embrace, save for a couple of these “woke” outliers who believe respect is gained through rude behavior and violence, rather than earned.

The recording continues with Matthews claiming she’s forced to keep white people “under her thumb,” otherwise they would begin acting like little kids. This sounds more fitting for the left-leaning crowd choosing to cry about everything they disagree with.

Hilariously enough, this isn’t Krystle’s first run-in with people recording her in secrecy. It’s been slightly over two months since she was caught planning a “sleeper” operation within South Carolina’s Republican Party with an inmate at the Perry Correctional Institution.

Her plan was to have the person she was talking to run as a Republican in the local elections, with the ultimate goal being shifting the political dynamic in the state. This sounds like something straight out of a horror movie.

Krystle Matthews funds her campaign with drug money?

Despite being called out on her behavior multiple times, Krystle remained adamant about running her political career into the ground. She claimed she would even accept illegally acquired funds, so long as they would help her campaign.

She called out to her followers, urging them to give her money and adding she doesn’t care whether they got it by selling drugs or not, only to start complaining about the state’s black community seconds later.

Apparently, she feels out of place among the black people in South Carolina, as she strongly believes that they’re not the same people she’d grown up with.

As expected, the Democrats’ racehorse for South Carolina Senate is certainly one that knows to put on a show. Albeit it is obvious basic human decency isn’t one of her strong suits, similar to her views on equality and how to properly promote it.

Krystle once even said she’s a “n**ga at heart,” but she knows how to turn it on and off.

However, these recent developments speak volumes of how categorically untrue that statement is, driving even the most devout of Democrats away from the party, at least within the state of South Carolina.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.