Attorney Refused to Criminally Charge Cuomo, Despite Admission of Sexual Misconduct

Miriam Rocah, Westchester’s district attorney, refused to criminally charge the former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, despite admitting he was involved in alleged sexual misconduct against two women.

Cuomo was found guilty of kissing two women without consent

Issuing a statement, Rocah admitted her investigations found the evidence against the former governor is credible. However, she noted she is in no position to charge him because of the “statutory requirements” of New York’s criminal rules.

Still, Rocah appreciated the bravery of women who stepped forward and unveiled the former governor, claiming she supports all the victims of Cuomo.

The troubled governor did not comment on the decision. While he denied touching anyone inappropriately, the investigations of the New York attorney general found his advances were sexually motivated and amount to a crime.

After the bombshells of Attorney General Letitia James, many prosecutors stepped forward to launch investigations against the former governor.

This prompted him to deny all the allegations, claiming the attorney general was deliberately spinning the facts, as she wanted to replace him as the governor of the state.

Further inquiries against Cuomo can land him in trouble

Although the office of the Albany County sheriff filed a misdemeanor complaint against the governor in October, the attorney asked the judge for more time to evaluate the health of the claims a week later.

According to the district attorney, the sheriff’s complaint was “potentially defective.” Hence Cuomo’s hearing has been delayed until January 7, 2022.

The incident in which Westchester County found credible evidence against Cuomo involved a trooper when Cuomo asked whether he could kiss her in a driveway.

According to the trooper, she was frozen after hearing this; to avoid being in the bad books of the governor, she allowed him. This led the governor to kiss her on the cheek.

One of the male colleagues of the victim witnessed the scene and testified in front of the attorney general.

In the other incident, in which Cuomo has been pardoned by Rocah, he grabbed a woman by her arm, pulled her in, and kissed her on the cheek without her consent. Susan Iannucci, the victim, indicated she had to endure comments afterward.

At least 11 women came forward to place sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, a scandal which led to his resignation, despite his claims he was not involved in any of them.

All of this encouraged the younger brother of the former governor, Chris Cuomo (who was the journalist of CNN’s most-watched television show), to give his brother media insight into his scandal.

However, Chris Cuomo himself was fired from the liberal media network, which found him guilty of using his position to give unfair treatment to his troubled brother.