Arizona Congressman Told Biden to ADMIT the “Crisis” at the Border

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs posted a video showing undeterred illegal immigrants streaming across the border.

According to Biggs, the video footage was sent to him by a rancher from his home state of Arizona and was shot in a span of weeks. The footage shows the brazeness of what the congressman considers to be illegal immigrants carrying drugs over the border. 

Arizona Congressman: Mayorkas is “deceiving” Americans when he claimed that the border is closed

In an interview with Fox News, Biggs stated that in the video, you are probably looking at men ages 16 to 25, a military-type age, working for drug cartels.

Biggs also added that the number provided by the Border Patrol showed that that 90,000 “got away” migrants in the Tucson border were seen crossing this fiscal year alone. However, they were not caught. 

Biggs then said that the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas is “deceiving” Americans when he claimed that the border is already closed. Yet, the preceding calculations revealed 190,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the Southern Border in June alone. 

The congressman also mentioned that on the other hand, the country is seeing the lowest numbers of exiles in decades. Biggs added that the record-high number of illegal immigrants entering the United States (and the record-low number of deportations) show both ends of Biden’s effort to accelerate the number of illegal people in the U.S.

Biggs, a congressman of the 5th congressional district in Arizona, is currently at the border town of McAllen, Texas. He’s seeing firsthand the effects of the surge of illegal immigration that gained national attention in the past several months.

Other than the video, Biggs also provided several pictures showing migrant children being turned up and several photos take during his night tour across the border.

Congressman Biggs hopes the Biden administration will acknowledge indeed there is a crisis at the border

When Biggs was asked what he hopes to accomplish with his acts of touring the border (and what he hopes the Biden administration would learn from his visits to the border), the congressman listed ten changes that he hopes will be made in order to stop the border crisis.

Included in his list is that he hopes Biden would already acknowledge that there is indeed a crisis taking place at the border.

Biggs also called the Biden administration to admit not only the crisis at the border, but also recognize that this problem is humanitarian in nature.

The congressman added that law enforcement officials and citizens that he talked to at the border have high concerns about the reports that Biden will repeal Title 42 next week.

Title 42 is a CDC health rule that allows border agents to deport illegal immigrants from the U.S. after hours of detention.