Arizona Back on Lockdown for 30 Days

"Doug Ducey" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Reopening America has served as a critical measure to saving our nation’s economy. With millions of people put out of work and struggling, stimulus checks from the government could only do so much.

Over the past several weeks, the nation has gradually shifted from lockdown mode into a phased reopening. This reopening has allowed people to get back to work and revive their businesses, while the economy recovers and bounces back.


Unfortunately, some states are reverting from a phased reopening back into lockdown mode. In the midst of reported increases of COVID-19, some leaders are spooked and unsure of precisely what to do.

This is why Arizona officially went back on lockdown as of yesterday at 8:00 PM, reports Breitbart News.

Everything You Should Know About the Latest Arizona Lockdown

During a press conference, Gov. Ducey shared some dismal news with the residents of his state. This news entailed a delay in school reopenings, a limit on gatherings of more than 50 individuals, and forced closures of certain businesses.

Businesses that are hereby banned from operations for one month include the following: bars, movie theaters, gyms, water parks, fitness centers, and tubing rentals. The Arizona Republican governor professed on Monday that such restrictions will ease “stress” on the state’s healthcare system; Ducey also maintained that restrictions will “slow” new spreads of COVID-19.

As schools are delayed from reopening, they will have more time to take measures to halt the spread of coronavirus. Some of these measures will include remote learning and other means of educating students from a distance, with minimal physical contact.

Additional Words from the Arizona Governor

Ducey’s press conference served as a major blow to many Arizonans who were glad to have the shutdown come to an end. On top of the present 30-day lockdown, residents of the state are now being told to wear face coverings when they go out in public.

During this month alone, the subject matter of face coverings has intensified, becoming heavily politicized and controversial. This becomes even more prevalent as certain health officials and political leaders take it upon themselves to “require” Americans wear face masks in public.

Some groups and individuals are currently pushing back on face-covering mandates with noncompliance and lawsuits. Only time will tell whether or not legal action follows Gov. Ducey’s decision to put Arizona into another lockdown.

Are you surprised to learn that Arizona is back in shutdown mode for another month? What consequences do you think will arise from Gov. Ducey’s decision? Enlighten us in the comments section below!