AOC Exposed Prevailing Distrust in Democrats

Far-left Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned her party they need to increase talking points if they want to see favorable results in the 2022 midterm elections.

She likewise blamed Democrats’ strategy for their loss in the recent Virginia gubernatorial elections, stating the party did not seek help from progressives, which led to their defeat.

The distrust of American voters regarding Democrats is getting worse

AOC warned Democrats if the $2 trillion social spending bill does not pass the Senate soon, progressives would cease to vote for any further legislation in the House.

The Democrat lawmaker is skeptical of Biden’s empty promises, saying when the leadership wanted to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, the president, the House leadership, and moderate Democrats made big promises about the social spending bill.

Ocasio-Cortez added if moderates do not vote for the spending package now, it will be a broken promise, which will make it hard for Democrats to pass any legislation going forward. It is important to note here that AOC voted against the infrastructure bill recently, citing the trust deficit issue among the party.

During her interview with the New York Times, AOC was asked if the passing of the social spending bill in its current form would be enough for Democrats to reclaim their voters.

Responding to the question, she said if the Senate passes the bill without any changes, the Democrats will be in a position to face their voters, but still, many unfulfilled promises will continue haunting the party.

The interviewer asked AOC whether the White House shut its doors for progressive ideology. To this, AOC replied she does not blame the White House directly for the legislative impasse.

However, she noted Biden could do a lot of things with executive action, which he is not pursuing. Therefore, blaming a 50-50 divide in the Senate is unreal, while the executive branch itself is not doing much to avert the persisting crisis.

AOC criticized the recently passed infrastructure bill

Criticizing the recently passed infrastructure bill, the lawmaker said the House was undermined in crafting the infrastructure package.

Ocasio-Cortez noted the plan was written in the Senate, majorly on the dictation of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Therefore, the House was not allowed to make any edits to the bill.

AOC likewise expressed her concerns about her party’s political strategy in Virginia’s elections, saying Democrats sought out support from the lawmakers who do not have good backing from voters.

AOC always remains in the limelight in setting the tone of the progressive caucus, along with other members of “the Squad.” During recent Democrat infighting, she remained critical of the infrastructure bill, while touting the social spending bill as the savior of the United States.