Antifa and Anti-Mask Protesters Violently Clash in L.A.

On Saturday, a clash between Antifa thugs and anti-mask protesters happened outside of City Hall in Los Angeles, leaving multiple people injured. 

A bloody skirmish happened in front of LA City Hall between Antifa and anti-mask protesters

Journalist Andy Ngo posted a tweet on Saturday, stating that a brutal fight between Antifa and right-wing protesters happened in Los Angeles. 

One Antifa who was trying to attack a man gets beaten to the ground. Meanwhile, a woman who was trying to help him gets struck on the head. The group of Antifa ended up retreating in the chaos. 

Another tweet was posted stating that at one point, a man had been stabbed, which was later on confirmed by the LA Police Department. The man was later transported to the hospital via ambulance. 

Many of the people who went to protest were carrying American flags; they had signs that read “medical freedom” as they went to Los Angeles City Hall at around two o’clock in the afternoon. A few dozen counterprotesters gathered near 1st Street before the violent clash. 

Shortly thereafter, a fight ensued at 2:30 p.m. as Antifa thugs and anti-vaccine mandate demonstrators traded punches and threw things at each other. It was not yet clear how the fight started, but each side was blaming the other for what happened. 

One man, according to the anti-mask protesters who were part of the rally, could be seen collapsed on the road, bleeding. A police officer who also responded to the scene had been stabbed. 

On the other hand, counterprotesters could be seen spraying gas while people of the anti-vaccine mandate team were screaming death threats. 

LAPD spokesperson: No arrests have yet been made and investigation is still ongoing

Captain Stacy Spell, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, stated that the police were closely monitoring what happened

Spell said in a statement that they were on the scene to keep order after a fight broke out. Antifa and the protesters who gathered there for a permitted event traded punches and violence against each other. 

The spokeswoman for the LA Police also added that they are aware one man was stabbed during the clash and is under treatment. Despite the chaos, no arrests were made, but the LA police claimed that the investigation is still ongoing. 

Meanwhile, Nury Martinez, Los Angeles City Council President, decried the clash in a tweet. She posted stating that these people are not patriots. She claimed that being anti-vaccine and not wearing masks is not patriotism. People should be able to have differences in their opinions without resulting to violence.

The demonstrators who gathered in front of the city hall labeled the rally as a stand against the COVID-19 rules, as well as vaccine passports. The protesters were also opposed to wearing masks.