Anti-Trump Veteran Journalist Fired From CNN

CNN’s White House correspondent, John Harwood, left the embattled media network, which is aiming to part ways with partisan political analysts.

Various news outlets believe CNN’s downfall is forcing the company to change its way of reporting; the media outlet will now focus on objective reporting, instead of doing partisan analysis.

CNN’s Mass Exodus Continues

Since the arrival of Chris Licht as the CEO of CNN, the news network is continuously bringing in new people to gain its lost reputation.

While announcing his departure, Harwood noted he is proud of his work, as he served the best interests of the American people while working at the liberal media network.

Harwood is a veteran media personality who previously worked for CNBC, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

Just weeks ago, CNN fired one of its most prominent media reporters, Brain Stelter, and ended his landmark TV show “Reliable Sources.” This remained on-air for almost 30 years.

Reportedly, Licht has been given the task by the owners of CNN to end opinion-based programs and direct the company towards hard and objective news reporting.

Some political observers previously claimed CNN’s downfall can easily be attributed to its overreliance on opinion-based reporting, in which analysts uselessly leaned toward the official narrative of Democrats.

According to the Washington Post, Harwood’s contract with CNN was not over yet, but the news network decided to end the contract prematurely under its new nonpartisan strategy.

CNN Ending Contracts of Anti-Trump Reporters

A number of CNN’s employees spoke to WaPo on the condition of anonymity regarding the mass exodus in the company. They believe the cable network is parting ways with the critics of former President Trump, as they made the channel highly controversial.

Harwood was also a hardcore critic of Trump and labeled him “mentally unwell” earlier this year.

Furthermore, CNN employees asserted that Licht wants CNN to look like a neutral TV channel with no political inclination at all. This vision has been repeatedly expressed by David Zaslav, the CEO of CNN’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery.

After Stelter’s resignation, the Daily Beast noted Licht is now seeking to change the team of his “New Day” morning show, which is currently hosted by Brianna Keilar and John Berman.

Keilar led CNN’s efforts to slam Biden after his partisan speech in the presence of Marine personnel. According to Keilar, Biden should have separated the military from his political agenda if he wanted to protect the reputation of the Armed Forces. 

However, liberal netizens denounced Keilar on Twitter. One Democratic supporter accused Keilar of being a MAGA supporter who is turning CNN into Fox News.

In May, Licht informed his employees he wanted to change the workings of his morning show, even though he did not give any specific details.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.