America’s Invasion: 5.5 Million Illegals Since Biden Took Over

The illegal immigrant invasion of the United States is acquiring stupefying proportions.

The latest federal government data shows the number of migrants who violated the nation’s laws and borders surpassed the 5.5 million milestone in the 21 months since President Joe “Open Borders” Biden occupied the White House.

4.4 Million Caught, 1.1 Million Gotaways in Just 21 Months

On his very first day in office, Sleepy Joe killed off President Trump’s highly secure border policies by canceling the construction of the close-to-completed wall on the US-Mexico border.

Besides that, Biden seems to have instituted an official policy of admitting and releasing into the US as many illegal immigrants as possible.

What has followed since then has been illegal immigrants waltzing into the United States at will, anyway they please, blatantly violating the territorial integrity, sovereignty, border, and laws of the American republic as Democrats aid and abet.

The gotaways who managed to sneak into the US undetected, thanks to the criminal expertise of the Mexican drug cartels back then, were estimated at almost one million.

Then last month, government figures showed in the 2022 fiscal year concluded on September 30, for the first time ever, the US registered nearly 2.3 million illegal immigrant apprehensions, up from nearly 1.7 million the previous fiscal year.

Border Invasion Figures Worse Than Previously Known

A statement by FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform) has shown  2.2 million illegals were caught by agents at the southern border, but a total of 2.7 million illegals were apprehended along all US ports of entry.

FAIR also found more than 5.5 illegals invaded the US since Biden took office in January 2021, including 4.4 million who got arrested, plus some 1.1 million gotaways, as per CBP sources.

To top it all off, the anti-illegal immigration nonprofit discovered at least 2.4 million of the 5.5 million invaders had been allowed to roam free inside the United States by the Biden administration.

At least 1.3 million were released by the US authorities, in addition to the 1.1 million gotaways.

The stupefying illegal immigrant tsunami invading the United States has also come with other “sweeteners.” Thus, a whopping 98 terrorism suspects got caught at the border last fiscal year, up from 15 in the 2021 fiscal year, three in 2020, and zero in 2019.

A total of 856 illegal migrants died while trying to cross into the US over the same period, making 2022 FY the deadliest ever in that regard.

On top of everything, over 414 million lethal fentanyl doses got caught in the year before September 30 at the US-Mexican border, enough to kill off America’s population 1.3 times over.

The last two months alone have seen more fentanyl trafficked into the US than in the entire 2019 fiscal year.

Speaking on Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” FAIR President Dan Stein blasted Biden for never actually having been to the US-Mexico border.

He argued failing to defend America from illegals was the same as failing to defend us from a “military invasion.” In its statement, FAIR blasted the Biden administration for its “deliberate sabotage” of America’s immigration laws.

It also called for the dismissal of Biden’s woke, far-left secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, arguing the US needed a DHS leader who “believes in borders.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.