Americans Blame Biden for Inflation

According to a newly released Fox Business poll, voters believe President Joe Biden is making inflation worse in the United States. 

Meanwhile, Americans also lambasted Democrats’ social spending bill, noting it would increase inflation and hurt the economy in the long run.

Biden’s approval ratings falling on every issue

Almost two-thirds of Americans now believe the incumbent administration is somehow worsening the inflation crisis. Likewise, the same number of voters noted rising prices over the last six months caused financial hardships for them.

However, this number surged dramatically high to three-quarters of Americans who live in lower-income households.

According to the survey released Wednesday, almost 80 percent of Americans showed extreme concerns about inflation. This number was a surprise to many, as more Americans are worried about inflation than crime, the federal deficit, and the pandemic.

Similarly, more than two-thirds of Americans showed their dissatisfaction with Biden’s economic policies. They suggest Biden’s measures that were supposed to help them actually hurt them.

While two in three Republicans opined along these lines, almost one-fifth of this number was Democrats who believe the same. The survey indicated the dire situation of people under the Biden administration, as only one in six voters felt their financial conditions improved recently.

These numbers show a significant shift, as almost half of Americans revealed improvements in their finances during August. To make things worse, only 25 percent of Americans are optimistic about economic development in 2022.

Rising inflation continues haunting Democrats

Biden’s dwindling economic ratings are the combination of many factors contributing their bit in making the suffering worse for the president.

Most Americans have low regard for Democrats’ policies regarding crime, immigration, taxes, and government spending. Chris Anderson, a Democrat pollster who conducted the poll noted the only thing going Biden’s way is people’s low expectations for him.

He noted people can change their views regarding the president, if the spending plan starts yielding positive results for them. Republican pollster Daron Shaw asserted Biden would be somewhat happy seeing his approval rating in the upper 40s.

He was referring to the latest polls which indicated nearly 47 percent of Americans approve of Biden, compared to 51 percent who disapprove. However, Shaw suggested specific ratings for different policy measures are against Biden, which can threaten his popularity.

For Democrat voters, the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest problem in the United States right now, followed by inflation and crime rates.

Republicans believe inflation is the most significant issue, which comes before the crime rate and taxes. GOP voters also believe the pandemic is the least important thing to worry about.

Inflation has been one of the biggest problems for the Biden administration; despite repetitive attempts, the White House is unable to cap the rising prices of daily household commodities.