American Airlines Affirms Support for Black Lives Matter

"Boeing 777 - American Airlines - N722AN" (CC BY 2.0) by lynothehammer1978

The fact that Black Lives Matter is a political, anti-police, and even anti-American organization is no secret.

Black Lives Matter activists routinely chant in the streets calling for “dead cops,” urge for defunding the police, attack innocents, loot small businesses, set cars on fire, and more. Despite the left’s attempt to coddle Black Lives Matter and hide from the reality of the group’s true nature, they are also not exempt from the mob’s wrath.


In light of all that’s happening in this nation with political and social issues, some people may think it best for non-political companies, such as airlines, to stay out of certain matters. Unfortunately, however, this is something that American Airlines has chosen not to do.

As a matter of fact, American Airlines announced earlier this week that their employees will have the green light to wear Black Lives Matter pins while serving customers, according to Breitbart News.

American Airlines and Black Lives Matter

On Sunday, American Airlines issued a statement about so-called societal racism and a need to “find common ground.” After affirming themselves as diverse and tolerance, the airline company confirmed that workers can wear Black Lives Matter pins on their clothes while servicing customers.

Such an announcement has already engendered pushback from certain employees within American Airlines. Many of these workers believe All Lives Matter or are related to police officers who value the oath to protect and serve.

In light of Black Lives Matter’s repeated calls to defund, abolish, and even kill police, allowing staffers to wear pins in honor of the group is not welcoming and inclusive to all individuals. American Airlines employees who disagree with this company decision are writing into management to express their offense and disgust with the move.

Certain customers have also taken issue with American Airlines openly backing Black Lives Matter in this nature. Some also state that they won’t fly with an airline that seemingly lacks regard for police officers and other groups that Black Lives Matter has gone after.

The Social Justice Warrior Turn of Companies

Apolitical companies that choose to become political are bound to face backlash, one way or another.

No matter what American Airlines may tell themselves, Black Lives Matter is an inherently political group; the statements made by the group, along with the actions carried out by them, are in no way separate from politics.

There is no sign that backlash against American Airlines’ decision for staffers to be allowed to wear Black Lives Matter pins while on duty will end anytime soon.

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